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PostSubject: WARRIOR TACTICS (Core)   Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:05 pm

In this article, click on "Reply" & write a text about your hints, methods, builds and tricks that make this profession interesting. You can talk of the high and lows of the profession, of your vision of how to use it at its utmost degree, all for the benefit of the community, but also when farming alone. be clear, and show intelligent tactics and builds to share with others.

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PostSubject: Re: WARRIOR TACTICS (Core)   Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:56 pm

Hello fellow guild mates, Armiger Egan Ulic at your services. I am here today to explain my rather unorthodox build. Now I use an axe so skills 2-4 are interchangeable for your desired weapon.

The build is as follows. 1.Battle Rage 2.Executioner's strike 3.Penetrating Blow 4.Disrupting Chop 5.Endure Pain 6.Healing Breeze 7.Balthazar's Spirit 8.Mending (for the sake of knowing more my attributes are as follows, Healing 9, Axe Mastery 10 -13 with armor- and Strength 10 -again 13 with armor-)

Now for the explanation, I start by casting both Mending and Balthazar's spirit, this empties my 20 mana and gets rid of my mana recharge so for the time being your energy will be empty, however this is really not much trouble as the only spells that cost mana are endure pain and healing breeze. This build is very much brute force, and works far better against groups that one on one. As you encounter a group the Balthazar's spirit will give 1 energy for each hit taken, as a tank you will take many hits and so your mana will recharge quite quickly allowing you to cast a healing breeze and/or endure pain as needed. As far as the battle goes all the damaging skills are adrenal skills and the battle rage will keep your adrenaline constantly high. I find by separating the costs of healing and damage allows you to better multitask in battle keeping yourself alive while dealing out damage to your foes. The cost for Battle Rage is quite low so as for it being stripped when you cast healing breeze it should be available to cast again assuming you are hitting your enemies. The +33% speed boost also is useful in cases where those nasty ice imps slow you down or you manage to get crippled by a trap or ranger. Last the disrupting chop is excellent when versing monks with particularly annoying healing or protection spells if you can get the timing right to interrupt there casting.

All in all I find this build runs quite smoothly in groups however if not battle many foes the energy at times can charge to slowly and hamper your ability to heal yourself. All in all I have found this build to work quite well for me and I wish anyone luck who wishes to try it.
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Auron Kalne

Auron Kalne

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PostSubject: Re: WARRIOR TACTICS (Core)   Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:58 pm

Hail everyone! My name is Andrew, and I play as Althena Jamir. Now, this build I am posting is the one I used to win two Jousting tournaments in a row. This build in a way prioritises staying alive than doing damage.

After runes and such, my attributes are;
8 healing prayers(no runes)
13 Strenth(Major Strength Rune)
13 Swordsmanship(Major Swordsmanship Rune)

With these runes, your health may diminish. I reccomend using 1 rune of vitae and 1 rune of Major Vigor. If you still need more health, some weapon upgrades could do well as well, but regardless. Let us get on to the actual build itself;

1. Barbarous Slice
2. Gash
3. Final Thrust
4. Power Attack
5. Lion's Comfort
6. Defy Pain(Elite skill)
7. Endure Pain
8. Healing breeze(I use HB for PvP, and when I do PvE I replace HB with Ressurect)

Now, for usage.

When the battle begins, I always put Endure Pain up, and if needed Healing Breeze. My first attack is Power Attack.
I use it sparingly, given I only have 20 energy. If I use all three skills at once, I have no more energy to use.

When Lion's Comfort is usable, I use it. It heals me and gives me much needed adrenaline, allowing me to use Endure Pain. When Barbarous Slice and Gash become usable, I immediately use them one after the other.

Now, when Lion's Comfort becomes available, I use it again. I am able to indefinately keep Endure Pain up this way, increasing my health and my defense. Sometimes, I take no damage whatsoever. If I do take some, Healing Breeze is usually there to give me the health right back.

Now, when their health is close to 25% or lower, I use Final Thrust to widdle their health down even more. If it doesn't finish them off, Power Attack usually does.

Now when it comes to other runes, here's my full rune/insignia setup;

Headgear: Knight's Insignia/Minor axe mastery(for when I used Axes)
Recieved Physical Damage -3/Axe Mastery +1

Breastplate: Survivor Insignia/Major Strength Rune
Health +15/Strength+2 and Health-35

Gloves: Knight's Insignia/Rune of Vitae
Recieved Physical Damage -3/Health +10

Leggings: Survivor Insignia/Major Swordsmanship Rune
Health +15/Swordsmanship +2 and Health -35

Boots: Brawler's Insignia/Rune of Major Vigor
Armor +10(When Attacking)/Health +41(Non-stacking)

My weapon setup;
Droknar's Sword
Slashing Dmg: 15-22 (Requires 9 Swordsmanship)
Damage +15%(While Health is above 50%)
Armor Penetration +20%(Chance: 20%)
Health +30

Undead Strength Shield of Fortitude
Armor: 16 (Requires 9 Strength)
Health +29
Inscription: "Pure of Heart"
Reduces Poison duration on you by 20% (Stacking)

And there you have it. My build, runes, and weapons used. For armor, any 80 armor set will do; elite or non-elite.

I hope it helps!

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PostSubject: Re: WARRIOR TACTICS (Core)   

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