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 Bringing the thrill into the guild

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PostSubject: Bringing the thrill into the guild   Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:48 pm

It was in my ideas that we needed to bring some extra excitement into this guild. Most of you enjoy this guild because you enjoy Role Play. Some mini-plots are constantly going on, our characters have social interractions, but where are the massive quests, where are the epic deeds beyond our jousting events?

Working with the clerics of the guild, who are after all our lore specialists, i am offering to create and prepare once in a while RPG events that will make us travel through Tyria and try to investigate on some quest, involving interractions with other people (even though they don't know shit about what is going on... it's always fun to ask a random guy in an outpost: "Excuse me fella, have you seen a green dragon passing by?", clues and interrogations of Non-Player Characters that I or the clerics will play, and a clever plot that will make us rejoice in our Role Play talents. These events will be either going-on, or some of them will have a specific date. Their issues and continuation will be written on the forum.

If you are to be able to play these scenarios with us, you have to create a character sheet for the characters your wish to participate into the intrigue. These larger scale intrigues will work as real table top RPG, like the good old days of D&D, but involving more social skills and interractions.

The first thing you might want to do is to go to a specialist of Hobbies games and purchase a set of dice, like the ones you see on the picture of this forum. That is a 4-sided die, a 6-sided, a 8-sided, two 10-sided (one with multiples of ten, one with decimals), a 12-sided, and a famous 20-sided.

The next step is to open the next article called CHARACTER SHEET, copy and paste the information on a desktop Word Document, and choose the characteristics you have to favor for either one or several characters. Each character, according to the way you play it, its personality, mood, strengths and weaknesses, will have its own character sheet.

Now let us have fun...
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Bringing the thrill into the guild
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