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 Character sheet filling explanations

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PostSubject: Character sheet filling explanations   Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:46 pm


here is how you should complete your character sheet.

1 - Fill in the personal Data according to your character.

2 - Personality traits have a natural value of 50% VS 50%, which represents perfect balance, a total of 100%. For instance, you have a valor of 50% in Lustful and 50% in Chaste. But all these numbers can be balanced according to what you favor. Every time you add 1 to one of both you subtract 1 from the other. So Merlin would probably be more chaste than lustful, but sometimes his wisdom gets surprised. He most likely would be 95% in Chaste and 5% in Lustful. The total is still 100%. No one can have zero in a score and 95% VS 5% is the farthest you can push it.

At character creation 80% VS 20% is the farthest that can be pushed. These numbers can change during scenarios according to the way you play. Be logical as you complete this part of the character sheet. Try to ponder where your character stands and how far? Also remember that nobody's perfect so be fair as you put the numbers in.

3 - Complete the "passions" section according to your personal fondnesses and hatreds.

4 - For the attributes, you have 6 numbers to place as you wish: 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10. The bigger the number, the better it is so you have a choice to make according to what you think are the attributes your character are best at. A warrior will have strong strength and constitution. Someone with social skills a good charisma. A mage will be clever, a monk wise, a ranger will have some dexterity, etc... After you're done, between brackets, put these bonuses right next to the attribute scores you dispatched. Put +0 for the 10 and the 11, +1 for the 12 and the 13, +2 for the 14 and +3 for the 16.

5 - Equipment and GW skills: During RPG sessions you can only hold one weapon (that is everything your both hands can bear, so you don;t have all your swords or staffs in your backpack), and you can only choose three of your Guild wars Game Skills. Choose wisely... After you are equipped, write down your current max energy and max health for the time of the scenario.

6 - Distinctive feature: a little description please...

7 - Skills: These are the skills your characters may know. Remember the bonus next to your attributes? This is where you write it down. For each skill, write down the bonus associated with the attribute. For instance, if you have Strength of 16, you have a +3 bonus, right? The skills "Athlectics" is based on Strength so write down this bonus (+3 if such is the case) right next to Athletics. Proceed accordingly for every single skill, some will have better bonuses than others.

When you are down, choose a total of 5 skills to boost. Check the boxes next to these skills you wished to boost and add a bonus of +5 to the current bonuses for each of them. So to come back to previous example, if you decide to privilege Athletics, you already have a +3 bonus, add +5 , that will make it +8. Add +5 to five chosen skills, no less, no more.

8 - That's it, the rest is used for designing your personal blazon, keep track of your full armor score (add up all the numbers of your armor gear plus bonuses), the type of weapons your character can use, and the number of jousts you have won. Smile

Next article will explain how all this works once it is done.
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Character sheet filling explanations
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