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 How do we play the game?

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PostSubject: How do we play the game?   Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:20 pm

Well, then the rest is simple... Before we head for a campaign I have set, you need to choice only one weapon (or two if both you hands can wield them, according to the game), and choose three Guild Wars skills only for this Role Play session. Write down on your sheet your acurate health and energy. these will not replenish as often as they usually do in "In-game" sessions.

Now the best way to explain is to give you an example of the situation.

Amber, Astarl and Merlin are off to Lion's Arch. Merlin has convinced them to accompany him for they have to get information about a possible murderer who needs to be executed by the Keepers...

Of course there will be a "master" of the scenario, just like in real Role Playing games. Usually it will be me, or/and Creed, or any other cleric who wishes to participate in these events. The "master" or as I prefer "storyteller" of the story will sometimes add, using *, informations about the surrounding, for instance:

*you easily notice that the market is quite full today at Lion's Arch, people from everywhere are shopping, and as you tread on strangers feet, trying to make your way through the crowd, you realize that it is going to be hard to find the man.*

These clauses give you information, they will of course fit the surroundings most often (in this case district one is a good idea), then i let you act as you wish, trying to lead you if I see you are lost but giving you enough freedom to wander about.

Astarl suddenly decides to go question a merchant nearby. He asks the merchant: "Hail brave man, have you seen a man with a scar and a long black beard around. Canthan looks for the most of it?"

Then i decide to play the voice of this Non-Player character. In order to make sure that you understand it is not Merlin speaking, I begin my answer with the clause: *Merchant*, later *M*...

*Merchant* "No, no idea..."

Then maybe you want to observe if the merchant has lied. In such a case, this is where dice rolling happens... Astarl asks me (the storyteller), in private or group talk either or (depending if he wishes the other members of the group to know what he is doing or to mask it):

(I am trying to sense if he is lying)

Then, I ask Astarl to make a roll of Insight. that's right... Insight... If you take a look at your character sheet, all these Skills (Insight being one of them) will be the most important. As a storyteller, i evaluate the talent of the merchant at lying. In secret, i decide the Difficulty Check (DC) of the merchant is 18. he is from the commerce world and knows how to disguise speech. What happens now?

Astarl makes a roll of a dice20 and add the bonus he has next to the skill "Insight" to the result. Astarl rolled a 8 and adds his bonus, let's say +7, which makes a total of 15. His result (15) cannot beat or equal the DC (18) of the action. Still he was close, and the closest a character is the more I have to work on the specificity of my answer as a "storyteller". I answer, "You cannot really tell if he tells the truth or not, but you know Merchants are all talented at lying in any case." Nobody knows if the Merchant lies or not. But I of course...

Astarl is not convinced but decides not to do anything. It could be wrong to menace a merchant in Lion's Arch, and he decides it could bring ill-repute on the guild. Amber does not share that idea. On her character sheet, she is more indulgent than temperate. She decides to go on with the interrogation... She turns to me (again, the storyteller, not Merlin) and asks:

(have I noticed if he lied?)

I ask her to roll just like Astarl, she does and ends up with a 6. I tell her... "You have no clue at all"

Then then decides to scare him a bit and goes.

(what do i see in the merchant's goods? Anything flammable?)

I ask her to do a Perception check, she does and ends up with a 12 versus a DC of 10 for the merchant's display (indeed the DC was easy for usually, merchants make it so that you can see all they have to offer, especially in Lion's Arch). I let her know:

(Amber notices some flasks of flammable oil for lamp)

She goes, in-character

*Amber walks near the flasks, makes a flame appear in her hand, places the hand right above the flasks and asks* Are you sure merchant? A scar? a beard? Canthan?

I ask Amber to make a Intimidate check, whereas the merchant will do a simple Wisdom check (one of his attributes), I keep the number of the merchant secret. It is a 10. His strength of Will is meager. Amber gives me the final score of 15. She manages to scare him. The merchant goes:

*M*: Ho! That Canthan! Yes, yes, I have seen such a man. *slaps his head* He is over there *the merchant points at the fish seller* buying some lunch.

Astarl goes:

(I am trying to sneak near without notice)

But Merlin interferes...

*Merlin* wait children... Let us keep distant and observe to whom the rat speaks...

What is going to happen next???? hahaha, such is the magic of role Play. Know that I have been storytelling Role Play for more than a decade now and know my job. Now let us have fun. I'll include more rules and more details later... For now, you might be ready to go for the first campaign I have prepared for you guys...

Note that i won;t do as Creed, i won't keep track of all our campaigns. I have no time first of all... Second of all, it is more realistic if these happen like in real life, meaning that only those who were there can tell the others of what happened.

Enjoy! Smile
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How do we play the game?
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