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 Directives for Newcomers

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PostSubject: Directives for Newcomers   Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:17 pm

Hail stranger !!!

So you want to join our Guild, I heard?

Before you can join us, you have a little reading and understanding to do.


We are a selective Guild that carefully chooses this type of member:

- motivated to learn and then to help others learn
- very active (we do not need dead weight and we truly seek active and involved people who will not make us waste our time)
- especially mature (usually 18+ though we can exceptionally accept people under that age)
- Role Players (that is who like to act out their characters, like in table top D n D games, not Role Play in the sense of Vs PvP)
- people who love the legends of King Arthur (because this is our lore)

The project of this guild is to bring the elements of Arthurian tales and Celtic lore in the World of GW, without altering the background setting the producers of the game themselves had to offer. So don't worry, we added in tune with the game world, not against the grain.

The whole experience in this guild is to try to reproduce a feudal system just like what you could have lived in the Middle Ages. We offer realistic ranks, organized so that everyone can have a specific role to play in the guild, a responsibility. A system of ranks obviously involves a system of merit, so patience and devotion is expected to rise to higher responsibilities. The etiquette of the Guild as well as the ways you salute or are dressed also have to be respected if the experience is to be intact. These rules and organization are the closest possible to what a 'real' Feudal Society would have been.


In this Web site, you will be able to access several articles like this one by clicking on the Small Green Title of every section. Under each decorative image, you'll find a short description of what you can find in every section.

Under the section 'Ranks and Titles', you need to read the articles entitled 'What is the Third Estate?', 'Member of the Third State' and 'Page' because you will begin your career in the guild, as everyone before you, as such: a "Page" and a "member of the Third Estate".

As a page, you will be given tutors from our guild that will help you understand our ways, understand the game if you are new, and assign you progressive readings.

As you rise in ranks and finish your learning our our ways, you will then have the choice to belong one of three paths: Chivalry (scecialist of on-field training and martial tactics), Clergy (specialist of social aspects and our lore), or Nobility (specialists of supervising and recruiting), with a specific role to play for the community. Each one of these new path will have a new set of ranks...


Now please, go create a log in and a password for this website, let me know more about you and your information as you create your forum profile, and go read and satisfy your curiosity...

Enjoy your reading, and don't hesitate to PM us for questions. When you feel like you are ready to join, and after having read at least 'What is the Third estate,' 'Member of the Third estate,' and 'Page,' under the section RANKS AND TITLES, tell me, and I'll accept you in.

Welcome stranger... It feels good to have a new soul to protect The Equilibrium. We hope you feel like home among us.

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Directives for Newcomers
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