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PostSubject: SE7EN 0: LET US GO FOR A WALK OUTSIDE...   Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:51 am

1 – One witch on the pole and three girls on the go:

Merlin has a sudden vision of a witch devoured by fire in Lion’s Arch. He asks Cameloteans to go and investigate on the reason of the uprising.

The inhabitants (practically all of them…) of Lion’s Arch are indeed howling at an old woman, calling her Witch, and accusing her to be responsible for disappearing of three young women. The old woman is about to be burnt, is already tied on a pole covered with black oil, and claims innocence.

Cameloteans save her and protect her from the sudden anger of the crowd, and the throwing of stones.

She quickly confesses that LA people are afraid of something and are just looking for the first scapegoat. Recognizing the blazon of Camelot, she is full of joy and tells them to try to find out what happened to the missing girls.

The woman appears to be a witch indeed for she then takes out some bones with runes carved on them, sits down and cast them on the floor. She tells them some information, slowly, as she casts the runes:

- Sarah, 17, disappeared 2 weeks ago while keeping sheep outside of LA.
- Elisabeth, 16, disappeared a week ago while keeping some cows, again, right outside LA
- Amandine, 20, disappeared the day before while going to pick up some wood.

She sees fangs, a beast with fangs... She barely has the time to tell them that something more shadowy is going on before Maelyn of Azura, captain of the White Mantle Guard, comes to disperse the crowd. The witch, quite afraid, decides to run as fast as she can. Maelyn then questions the characters and their business.

Mealyn let frankly Cameloteans know that they have no authority here and that she will keep an eye on them. She seems slightly rough and shows the firmness of a real Legion Leader but seems in the end just to make LA rules apply. She eventually offers a solution. A wolf, a tad larger than usual, has been rampaging the surroundings of LA, and escaped from a caravan coming from Cantha, delivering exotic pets for an event called "The Long Night", an event in LA celebrating the end of Summer. She lets the Cameloteans know that according to the tradition, only the Nobles from the House of Cormaeryn, the White mantle Count as of today in charge of LA, and her direct superior, are allowed to hunt the game in the areas under the control of LA. Such is an ageless local custom and shall not be disturbed...

Back to Camelot, the King reminds his people to be cautious and to respect foreign politics where Camelot has no word to say and where a proper behavior from Camelot members has to be displayed. Merlin claims that an investigation has to be made undercover, without comprimising the good politics LA and Camelot share...

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Posts : 262
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PostSubject: 2 - Investigating Sarah disappearing   Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:44 pm

2 - Investigating Sarah's disappearing:

Merlin decides that an investigation has to be made in secrecy, without showing that Camelot is officially involved. He decides to concentrate on Sarah first for he senses these girls might still be alive. This vision of a beast with fangs is not enough for him.

Speaking to the lore master Gordon Ecker, Cameloteans learn something weird, the disappearances are quite a common lot in LA, and most of them strangely deal with young girls. As Jodie asks the lore master to speak his mind, the latter leaves, obviously afraid to speak too loudly.

They will eventually find a couple of merchants, parents to a teenager called Sarah. They won't get much of them but these new facts:

- Sarah's flock of sheep has been found intact, which seems to question the possibility of a prowling beast
- She has been working, as have many other citizens, for the Count as a waitress during some weekends when he organizes popular banquets
- The woman in the couple shows faith in the Count but doubts as to his ability to rule lately for he seems obsessed with The Long Night event.
- The man gives full trust to local authority and politics and believes the guard will bring his daughter back to them.
- Astarl and Blaise will manage to get various spots on their Krytan map where Sarah used to feed the sheep.

Merlin, on his side, understands that the Count turns into some sort of selfish tyrant. In the absence of any king, that outcome is both unsurprising and natural in LA. Merlin is convinced each investigation has to be done separately, one girl after the other.

Cameloteans leave in the North Krytan province in order to find clues. The terrain is a mess and no one, not even the best of tracker rangers, would be able to find any clue. They thus decide to lead the investigation to the northern village of farmers and Ascalonian refugees. After some trouble, they understand that a boy, named Martin, son of the local pig farmer, tells stories, most unbelievable one after the one. The boy, being beaten by the father and ill-exploited, often falls asleep during the day and dreams of things he believes true. He ends up leading them to the location where he witnessed a kidnapping.

On the site, and after some close investigation, they find traces of a fight and a piece of cloth, a small torn fabric made from a lion pelt, the fabric the Lionguard often uses. Cameloteans then decide to abduct of the Lionguard. The guard knows little, he thus confirms that the Count often uses a specific team of his guard, unknown to the Lionguard generals themselves, to sometimes kidnap people the Count has interests in (cooks, artists, girls, etc...). These are just rumors the poor guard has heard and as he bargains for his life, claiming innocence. They let him go, asking him to get more information.

After a few days, Cameloteans go back to LA. Outside of the main gates, on a column, what resembles the corpse of a human shape having been heavily tortured, burnt, gutted and half eaten by crows is hung there... obviously displayed at the pass-byers sights. Cameloteans barely recognize the body to be the poor Lionguard they had abducted before.

Praying the 5, merlin is told that there is a small crack in LA's fortress. Merlin turns one of his knights into a rabbit, who manages to squeeze in and communicate in rabbit language with more or less success with Merlin. He manages to catch a discussion between two servants speaking of Sarah. The count has some "bastion", some "private house" in Jahai Bluffs in Elona where he has "many wives". It makes no doubt that Sarah has been brought there against her own will...

As Merlin decided to investigate on the site itself, time has come for the King to be warned... and make a decision... an important one...

The King's meeting with the Count of LA was not one of the best. His only proofs: 1 - a dead body eviscerated in front of the City, who cannot speak any more. 2 - A band of soldiers capturing girls, which can be totally non-commanded by the Count. 3 - A rabbit infiltrating dungeons. Yes... Arthur understood bitterly the bite of lack of proofs. The Count confesses to Arthur that the harem in Jahai Bluffs is of no interest to him any more, as he has other distractions now, but warns the Old King anyhow that it is owned by half a dozen other Nobles and Princes all over the world. The King, angry and powerless, exits the main Hall of LA.

On his side, Lancelot, having been sent by the King to investigate in secrecy, realizes that Camelot is awaited. The Count has obviously spoken to other Princes. An extra force is supposed to strike at Camelot as Camelot strikes to the harem.
Arthur, knowing that information, departs with his knights to first meet to reinforcements and annihilate them. They then head to the harem and brilliantly defeat their foes.

The harem is freed and hundreds of young girls, young boys, and older prostitutes rush out. Among them, Sarah, shocked at what just happened, brought back to Camelot half-conscious, and sent to a nice night of sleep.

Sarah's interview was of the weirdest kind. To sum up the most important points of her interview, here is what has been learnt:

- The place she has been taken from - for she insisted Camelot were her real kidnappers - was a private House for the Count's "favorites".

- She seemed too young, and obviously too naive, to understand what is a harem or what this place is. She felt it was paradise and obviously seemed neither to have been deflowered herself, or to have spoken much to others whose daily life was to constantly be.

- She seemed not best pleased to be freed, for in her perverted mind, she was living like a Princess while now she has to go back to live like a peasant. The Count's wealth, and probably others', displayed at the harem got to her head. This place was not a prison but paradise and a shelter for her.

- Most importantly, she has never heard of the two other girls and do not know what happened to them. They did not belong the Count's favorites, that is for sure.

Cameloteans get no recognition, but such is life at times, and Cameloteans do not free people for praise.

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PostSubject: 3 - In Elisabeth's head:   Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:27 am

3 - In Elisabeth's head:

The King, disguised as a beggar, and some of his knights, go back to LA to investigate on another soul to save. They enter contact with Skill Trader Sergio who seems to know a lot about the City. He actually seems to be Lion's Arch tongue on the loose...

He confesses several new pieces of information:

- a few weeks ago, caravans of merchants and trolleys arrived in LA in order to deliver some mysterious goods to the castle, aka to the Count. They delivered in secrecy at night and people of LA believe the "delivery" is related to the Count growing silence and passion in favor of the coming event: "The Long Night".

- These merchants did not stay in town but outside LA's walls, in a place that is still to be determined, interfering with LA commercial system only to assure the basic survival goods. These merchants did not seem to have any goods to get from LA, while usual merchants do sell and buy to be able to sell later on. Thus, they appeared to be more deliverers than merchants.

- They were not wearing any blazon, emblem, or motif, which is usually the mark of most merchants. Rare are the merchants who do not belong a guild or a master..

- Finally, the whole concern from Sergio about these merchants comes from the fact that Elisabeth disappeared when the merchants came. They stayed 2 days and then left.

A most strange intervention from the King involving a few words ushered in the Skill Trainer's ear and the seller's face turning as pale as Death strengthened Sergio's will not to utter a single word about the interview that just happened.

The next day, Cameloteans decide to go back and question Sergio. The latter has learnt that Elisabeth's parents are mariners. They manage to find the woman, which does not seem very pleasant, but clearly looks pained. They then speak with a strange young boy, fishing on the beach, who happens to be Elisabeth's younger brother and gather the following information:

- The mother is a widow, she works as a servant to the Canthan Ambassador making tours to guild halls in order to feed her now only child.

- She is not surprised, though pained, at what happened. Elisabeth has always been a rebellious child according to her, always a maverick. And she was taking care of her cows with less devotion lately. She nevertheless points to Kalne on his map the place where she usually was herding her cows.

- As for the boy he knows more: Elisabeth had a secret boyfriend, and the mom does not know about it... only him. he makes Finch swear to keep the secret.

- He does not know who is the boyfriend but knows he was living outside LA since Elisabeth was often leaving town to see him.

- Last time he saw her, she had a small package with some bread, apples, and clothes with her.

From there, they go outside and search for the field where Elisabeth was tending her cows. South West of Northern Kryta province, they find the field, and Master Kalne, having a keen eye with nature, manages to find tracks of the girl even after time and poor weather had messed up the soil. Leading more south west, the tracks lead to abandoned empty caravans, apparently coming from Cantha, left there to decay. The tracks lead to larger tracks, looking like some heavy stuff, and go back up north, carrying that heavy stuff heavy the looks of it.

As they follow the tracks North, they end up in Nebo Terrace in a small village, where the tracks stop. Here, a man tells Marquise Emeraude that Elisabeth is here, having been abandoned by a Canthan traveler she fell in love with, along with another caravan. It seems she had planned an escape. Elisabeth, safe and sound, accepts to go to Camelot to be interviewed.

Here are the information they managed to gather while interviewing her:

- She has indeed followed this man, called Lee, because she fell in love of him, and he promised her a wedding. In the end, he just wanted to abuse her and left her alone in a village in Nebo, north west of LA.

- The package was hers. She had planned on never coming back.

- A good dozen of caravans were stationed near LA, where Kalne and Emeraude found some empty. They came, they delivered stuff to the Count, and they left quite empty of goods.

- They might have held something precious, for some caravans had metal panels, or sheets in order to keep away the wandering eye. When asked, she even remembers smelling some gamy smell in some caravans, though she heard no sound of animals while she met them camping the two nights.

- When they delivered their stuff, the merchants seemed rather anxious if though fearing an attack or something unexpected, but calmed down as the trade went well.

- There was a strange figure among the merchants, some sort of a priest, whom the merchants feared, for they said he was capable of fearsome rituals.

She then decides to go back to LA and apologize to her mother, promising to give Camelot a good repute. Two girls have been found, but what of the last?

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PostSubject: In Amandine's claws   Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:10 am

4 - In Amandine's claws:

Accompanied by Merlin, Kalne, Finch and Emeraude go to LA in order to investigate Amandine's disappearing. However, precautions having not been taken, and believing to be the heroes of LA, our Cameloteans found themselves dumbfounded when arrested by the lionsguard, led by Maelyn of Azura, telling them that every Camelotean was banished from LA until further notice.

Camelot has been accused by the Count of spying, through Sergio's 'forced confession', blasphemy, because of the display of rumors and negative comments they did about the Count in town, and finally violence, because of the attack of Jahai Bluff's Harem.

Led out, our happy troop has no other choice but to regroup from D'alessio Seaborads and go from there. As they venture North, Merlin sense a great evil, an evil spawned by magic. They soon encounter a lynx, whom Merlin believes to be the beast of his visions: the teeth, the claws, the fangs...

Kalne's keen eye led to the discovery of a pile of wood, certainly having been gathered by Amandine and left there, and of tracks leading to a small gap in a rock. As Countess Emeraude squeezes in, she discovers the mutilated and torn apart body of Amandine, with worms still feasting on the remains.

Lynx gather around them but do not attack, which is unusual of their kind. As Emeraude discovers that the wounds inflicted to the body are pretty large, she excludes the possibility of a lynx or normal beasts having done the task.

Merlin gathers his spirits. If lynx come observe them but do not attack, it is because it is not their lair, but the lair of a deadlier predator. Moreover, any natural predator would have finished its meal long ago. Merlin is convinced that the first lynx they encountered is not normal, but a deadlier beast in the shape of a normal animal.

Merlin dispatches his troops and sends them back to Camelot. As he approaches, the Lynx senses Merlin's magic and reaveals it true shape: A Cwn Annwn. A Hellhound from the underworld! Having been sent by Grenth as death reapers in order to kill those slowing down the time of their death through the use of magic or other means, it is said that if they fail in their task they cannot go back to the Underworld.

- What does the Count want to do with these beasts? asks Merlin to himself as he sends the beast back to its rightful place...
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