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 Back in the Future... A Seasonal and Historical Explanation

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PostSubject: Back in the Future... A Seasonal and Historical Explanation   Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:13 pm

The Mouvelian Calendar (named after Grand Patriarch Mouvel, the first high priest of the Church of Dwayna), begins counting years from the moment the gods left Tyria. This event is known as the Exodus. Years before this date are labeled BE (Before the Exodus). Years after this date are AE (After the Exodus). Years prior to the year 1 AE count down, getting smaller as they get closer to the time of the Exodus (just as they do in the Gregorian calendar). However, the Keepers of the Equilibrium were to regulate their lives with the addition of their Celtic heritage, as follows:


There are 4 seasons and 360 days in the Mouvelian year:


Zephyr / Air / 1-90
Phoenix / Fire / 91-180
Scion / Water / 181-270
Colossus / Earth / 271-360

However, The Keepers of the Equilibrium being based on Celtic tradition, and Merlin coming from a distant past completely forgotten by the rest of humankind, our Order also consider these seasonal events as important:

The Equinoxes of March and September (Spring and Fall, now Phoenix and Colossus - more or less), and the Solstices of June and December (Summer and Winter, a.k.a Scion and Zephyr). So, with a few days difference (less than 10 in every case), the Equinoxes and Solstices of the Gregorian calendar actually pretty much correspond to the passing of these newly named Mouvelian Seasons.

The Keepers of the Equilibrium would hold a Sacred Joust starting at every Solstice and Equinox, and it should be closed at the passing of the Mouvelian Season. There would thus be four of these jousts a year, lasting about ten days.

2 - TIMELINES OF TYRIA (as understood today with the few Historical records that we have):

1078 AE Present Day of Eye of the North
1075 AE Present Day of Nightfall, though Elonians use the Elonian Calendar
1072 AE Present Day of Prophecies and Factions
1071 AE Bay of Sirens is renamed Sea of Sorrows
1070 AE Guild Wars End
1070 AE Charr invade human kingdoms
1013 AE Guild Wars begin
898 AE Great Northern Wall is erected
851 AE Lord Odran enters the Rift
358 AE Kryta becomes an independent nation
300 AE Kryta becomes a colony
221 AE Cantha begins trading with Tyria
174 AE Serpents leave the world of men
2 AE Orr becomes an independent nation
1 BE Gods give magic to the races of Tyria
100 BE High-plains human settlements become known as Ascalon
205 BE Humans appear on Tyrian continent
1769 BE Serpents arrive in Tyria
10,000 BE Last sign of Giganticus Lupicus (the great giants) walking on Tyrian continent (best guess)

What is known as the Exodus has a specific value for the Keepers of the Equilibrium. Indeed, most religions would claim that The 5 True Gods were human before being Gods. In our religion, we refute such a belief, Balthazar and Grenth having been demons, Dwayna, Kormir and Lyssa Angels or divine beings. It does not refute the fact they they dwelt the Earth, and probably sometimes walked among humankind, before and after Tyria was created, that was, at least, as long as they felt secure among us, or did not realize who they really were, as such is the case for Lyssa and Kormir. As for Melandru, she is Nature, she IS Humankind and humankind is Melandru.

Moreover, some people believe that Humankind appeared in 205 BE. That is a mistake for believers of the Equilibrium, in the sense that Merlin and the Round Table were there Thousands of years ago and that Merlin is (even though the only one) a survivor and witness of that historical fact. In the past people called him Myrdinn Wilt, or Merzhin Le Fou, meaning Merlin the looney. It is very probable that people of our generation of men find him also looney nowadays if he claims having been there for so long...

So, what of humankind? Two possibilities are relevant, and Merlin, having been caught in his Tower of Air could not witness all, so he does not know... Either humankind, after having destroyed itself with the rise of technology, completely disappeared or a few survived. The Eras of Giants and Serpents and Dragons followed, just like man followed the Dinosaurs. But either man was somehow re-born on Earth, from means we ignore, or a few survived and rebuilt, hidden in small tribes, afraid, losing memory, losing history, losing humanity somehow... We can only guess and know that we do not know. And regarding our own kind, it is sad to say that we do not know much...

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Back in the Future... A Seasonal and Historical Explanation
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