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 Fall Equinox / Colossus 2009 Joust

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PostSubject: Fall Equinox / Colossus 2009 Joust   Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:20 pm

Hail Cameloteans,

The Equinox of Fall is this September the 22nd at exactly 16.18, or 4pm and 18 minutes (eastern). It is the official first Fall day in the Gregorian calendar and as the tradition wants to, the time to welcome challengers to the tile of Grand Champion. The tradition claims that no one that believes in Camelot's future should turn on the opportunity to fight this Holy Joust.

A tournament is thus to be held, starting exactly at this very day and this very hour (any official fight before that time is prohibited, though you can still joust for fun) and as usual, the winner is to be declared Grand Champion (see the description of the Title in the section "Titles"). The tournament will be held until September the 30th, where the Final Joust will be held in front of most members of Court, in order to celebrate the official passing to the Mouvelian season, Colossus, happening that very night. So to sum it up the Joust perfectly takes place between the day of the Equinox of Fall and the day of the passing to Colossus.

For the joust to be perfect, we need exactly 16 challengers and anyone can participate. (or 32 if the Guild is that populated)

What you have to do is simple:

- Choose some of your characters (you have no limit this year)

- I ask a 2k fee or a good gold weapon (that is max damage for 9 attribute points, or an impressive support item: shields, charms, etc...) or a green weapon as a fee for each character candidate. Of course, in the days of past, knights coming to joust who wishing to display great Largess often left more than required to prove their worth, but you are not obliged to. Also, it is quite fair that at the beginning you do not choose more than 2 candidates. If the list needs more people near the end of the submission deadline, you will be asked to add more at wish.

- Once you have made your choice, go write your name(s) on the candidate list article in GAMES OF HONOR. In order to do so, you have to log in (and so create a forum account if you do not have one), click on the article and click on "POST REPLY". Do not click on "POST NEW". Type down the names of your candidate(s), and include CLEARLY what professions they will be for the jousting and their numbers (1, 2, 3, 4 etc... according to the candidate number you are... take a look at the numbers before you and add up)

The Jousting will begin September the 22nd but I need the names of the participants as soon as possible, so that I can organize (by chance) who is going to fight who.

- The jousting will take place in PvP in the Hall

- It's one on one, no hero or henchman is allowed

- Any weapon, skill, or type of extra object (that works in PvP) is allowed (note that some of your skills change in PvP > try to equip them in the Hall in order to see the difference)

- The winner is going to have three advantages:

1 - He/She will get special equipment or/and gold back, and some more...

2 - He/She will rise one rank without any question

3 - He/She will get the Title Grand Champion

Note 1: You don't have to have a PvP character in order to joust. Actually, we are going to use our PvE characters and joust in the Hall. Indeed, the Hall grants us with the possibility to do PvP.
You are allowed to train and battle with other characters before the deadline of the jousting, in order to test the others or make up your mind for skills to use.

The Knights of the guild as well as the Nobles have the responsibility to show you how it works. Don't hesitate to ask them.

- Please give me your personal emails as soon as possible, so that I can send you the names of your adversaries, you'll then be able to contact each other by email and set a rendez-vous point for jousting according to your Real-Life schedules.

- In order to begin the fight, the two interested parties can go into the hall and click on the 'guild battle' button in their 'party window' at the bottom right of the screen, just like you do when you want to 'enter mission'. One character choose 'new scrimmage', the other one joins the first character's scrimmage.

- You need to win twice against an opponant in order to be declared the winner, which means that you can actually change and rearrange your skills after the first (and possibly second) fight.

- as soon as you win, please contact me by email (I'll give everyone my email) to let me now of your victoty, you'll get the name of your next opponant soon enough.

FINALLY, CHECK OUT AND MAKE SURE YOUR UNDERSTAND THE "JOUSTING RULES" POSTED IN THE SECTION "CODES AND RULES OF THE FORUM". These coming days, it is the responsibility of the Clerics to make sure everyone, especially the newcomers, know these rules by heart.

That is all, good luck.... And let the best win...

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Fall Equinox / Colossus 2009 Joust
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