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 Merlin's Story

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PostSubject: Merlin's Story   Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:25 am

At the time where the Romans invaded Great Britain, all these archipels of islands, including what today are Ireland and Britanny were called Britain.

According to the scriptures, Merlin appeared in these lands to help humankind. He is suposed to have appeared, be gone, and reappeared a couple of times, thus having the repute to be some imortal druidic Saint.

In most medieval romances, Merlin is the son of the Devil and a poor woman, raped by the Beast, who later on was cast away as a witch for what she claimed happened to her. Though the Devil's seed, Merlin's fondness for good led him to face his father and help humankind instead of serving as a counter agent to a religion that was about to replace the Old Ways: the Antichrist.

In order to help the end of tribal wars and chaos in Britain, he arranged the birth of King Arthur, and raised him according to his precepts, is that he could make a perfect King of Justice out of him. He helped creating Camelot, the Knights of the Round Table, and supervized the training of Knights in order to find one worthy enough to seize the Grail.

The Grail, he knew, was a vessel of power of some sort, a recipient, who contained the blood of Christ in his final hour, and thus, who could grant any human being the healing powers - that is to say the eternity - of the gods. Such a weapon needed not fall into the hands of any man, for any man could be tempted to use it for one's own profit. Telling his knights the Grail was a relic of power, but no more, he trained knights as men who could seize the Grail without being tempted to use it.

But he also had a private life, and a very strong love for Viviane, the Lady of the Lake. Some people say that this love was arranged by the Devil itself, with a vengeance, as a trap, since should Merlin lose his virginity, he would lose his powers as well. Risen from the thighs of the devil, he could very well fall from his own.

Viviane and Merlin could not stand loving each other without being able to concretize that love physically. It was very hard for Merlin to remain concentrated on his administrative role as a counselor of King Arthur, and for Viviane to wait until his role was over. Thus, Merlin promised Viviane that after the Grail would be found, Humankind would be at peace, and that they could be together. He build a magical realm under the lake next to which Viviane was born, half ethereal half belonging the world of men, and asked her to wait until there.

After Galahad had found the Grail, he hoped that everything was done and decided to meet Viviane in the lake, at long last. But that was without counting on Mordred. Rejected by his father, bastardized, and deprived of the Kingdom of Camelot, which was legally his, Mordred decided to put an end to his father's society.

Too late, Merlin was already with Vivian. But when she saw that he would go out of the lake and abandon her for years every time something wrong would happen, she decided to trap him down the lake with her forever, in a Tower of Air, down the lake of Ice.

Years have passed, thousands of years....... Merlin came for forgive Viviane but he could not stand knowing that Camelot had been destroyed. He spent life in this mythical place in-between-worlds for ages, ignoring what was happening outside.... When two thing happened....

First, as Einstein had forseen, Planet Earth suffered a 'shift of poles'. What was ice became hotter, and vice versa. Second, a huge meteor struck the Moon, and little by little, as its pieces got together, several moons where formed around the Earth, thus severely changing weather conditions, other planets influence, and the tide.... Third, there was a huge cataclysm that trembled down the lake's world, Merlin thought it was the end of the World. No.............. It was the charrs, and what was about to be remembered as 'The Searing' that freed him !!! Merlin was free... at long last...

These events having freed him from his prison of ice and air, Merlin decided to peep out. And he thus decided to walk the lands of men once more and see what humankind needed. He was glad to see that some heroes of the past survived because of the oral tradition of telling tales. Arthur, perceval, Gawain, Lancelot, and even himself... These were words that were remembered through folklore, stories, stuff that needed no book to survive, though they were only names for most people. Their deeds, history, symbolism, were changed with every new story he heard... Thus, he felt that rebuilding was in order.

Things had evolved and magic was more present than in the past. He also felt like the angels were not talking to him any more, that his father's voice was shut..... He was wrong.... Having witnessed the escape and progress of this ancient and reknowned druidic wizard, the gods got scared of what he could achieve. Nonetheless was Merlin the greatest wielder of magic of all times, but he was also immortal.

Dwayna and Grenth appeared to him, and as usual, both wanted the Wizard for their own purpose.....

(to be continued...)
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Merlin's Story
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