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 CREED, and CREED again...

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PostSubject: CREED, and CREED again...   Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:13 am


So, now that things have settled a bit, here is what updates on the situation those who remained faithful to Camelot have to know.

1 - The facts from present and past:

Creed has been seducing people into his craving for power for weeks now. It has been quite a while. For those who ignored it, he has done the same thing previously, the exact same thing. he left the guild and tried to create his, supposedly "better". obviously.

He then came back, was forgiven but he always has been a schemer, choosing words like a snake and suddenly bursting out in anger to reveal his true tongue or intents, not to mention acting like a scum of the earth towards some new members who were, sure a little slow, but not mean or harmful.

After having given him another chance to prove his worth, he has done the very same thing again. Let it be understood, as of today, I despise the man. Why do I despise him, because he is the most sneaky bastard GW knows, other guilds can suffer from and the Staff of AreneNet knows well. His genre is called scavenger. So what is a scavenger?

2 - Scavengers... A GW very well know type of person:

A scavenger is the type of player who tried to create a guild but could not do so, so to a better extent, they become part of other guilds and try to insuflate their ways to other groups. If they can't turn the leaders, they turn some of the members to follow his speech and cause. Once it is done they usually act in the shadows and decide to leave with some members who had the wrong (or the right who knows) to believe him. Now here is where the joke is. Scavengers do copycat previous guild. Though they claim they are different they do act for power and only for some sort of Real Life power issue. usually the project fails and they start all over again.

3 - The flaws and gaps in his so-called drastic resolution:

Now, to stay put with the present situation. What do we have here? We have people who decided to leave because they did not like the guild. Even if we can give them all free will, knowing perfectly they have been seduced by Creed, the fact remains, they have left because:
1 - they do not want to be part of the guild.
2 - they claim they can do better.

- Even now that Creed is gone, I know he has tried to go to the forum, why? Why would he care about this guild if he does not like it? Is the man too frail to move on yet? Does he need some stuff from our forum? Why since it is exactly what he cannot stand? I wonder...

- If he believes his cause is just, why does he keep asking our members (Astarl and Amber) what is going on in the guild? What are people saying? Aren't they supposed to move on with their style and guild? Aren't they supposed not to give a shit?

- If his motives are true, why is he at the top of his new Order he has founded? He says he has been elected. Of course he has.... He organizes a push, schemes and plots and leaves with newcomers who barely know why they follow him (Magna, Lily, the last nemcomer from SC whose name i forgot... that is to say in the end newcomers). of course they said.... well you're the leader now.... You are experienced and you organized it all anyway... Seriously guys, what other way do you think this could have ended, since it is all what was his problem in the end, I leading and not him. Now he's happy I guess.

- If his motives are true at heart, why is he sending invitation still today to some of our members as guests to join him? Why has he offered Astarl to join and be the leader of his guild? Out of pity? Kindness maybe? I am sure that is exactly the reason why... Why some of you consider such a human being as what?..... a friend ?... I mean if you don't feel the pain in your ass after what happened, I don't want to know about your sexual life guys... Would a friend talk to you to ask you to plot for his sake? Would a friend use you to his profit? make sense of it all... What is he asking of you when you talk now since he left? Informations about the guild! Why? I wonder.... he is supposed to move on with his choices now. If he is a friend, he should not bother you with guild stuff and keep as we say ... "friendly" but noo... He considers all who stayed as weak brainless asses. And sometimes, he even tells you guys.

- Here is my point, Creed has fucked us in the ass twice, and twice we reconstruct because of his overpowering ego. I lead and make decisions, I am not here to be liked. I don't give a shit if people like me or not. Creed gave a shit he was not the one leading and he made a point to people liking him best. He sorta imposed people to follow him in making me a bad person. Classical strategy. I do not give him 2 months before people realize the ass he is.


Now to prove my point, here are a few transcriptions from a discussion I had with many different people while doing this inquiry. I know I swore I would not reveal any names and I won't name anyone since I promised, but if anyone wants to say "hey! This is right... I was the one saying that", you are free, and I would actually appreciate it because it would back me up here. These quote were addressed to me from some of you about what you and Creed talked about. I have kept most discussions in a WORD Doc. Again, I know how to be cautious, I have been leading guilds for a while now.... First quote... There we go:

Mister X: "He thinks he is doing all this for nothing, the tutoring, etc.
Says he works his butt off but never gets promoted... He feels like a rat."

> BINGO... Creed's desire was??? (drum roll) promotion a.k.a power... We tutor to help the system, he tutored for ranking. Next quote, from someone else:

Cedric speaking: "Yes I know he craves for power. That is Creed's problem from the start, especially at me. I represent what he wants to be in the guild. That's it. Nothing else."

Mister X: "Yes, he even admitted it to himself and me last night."

> Hohoooo, and when we think that his new guild is called LOVE. Smile Ok last example, and here we are on the verge of paranoia. From someone else:

Mister X: " He told me you set the joust up, so he would lose, and so that you thought the king would win."

> Jesus! I did not know I had cosmic powers seriously. I should try lottery tomorrow. We'll see. I might win who knows. Plus, Arthur has barely explored Elona.... He can not win any joust... ever... I knew the man was a snake but here, he's biting its own tail...

Finally, you can ask everyone in the guild. he has tried to seduce everyone in different ways. he has tried to turn you guys against the guild at least once, all of you.

5 - What now?:

Well it is easy. If you have the least sense of what happened and of what is still happening, here is what I think we should do. I cannot impose it on you guys but still pay it a close look:

- ignore Creed, that is put him on the ignore list in your friend's list. Of course I ignored him for obvious reasons, I invite all of you who truly wish to move on to do the same thing.

- for those of you who are still sentimental and do not want to ignore him, I cannot prevent you from being friends but know this. As i said, being friends is speaking about something else than plotting. He is a plotter to me. Any information you give him can be used to be of nuisance at this point. Any member or idea he could steal from us would make him increase his guild on our back or make him seduce other members. So do not reveal anything from our society. He is not part of it any more first. Second he has proven twice what a nuclear bomb he could be for it. Talk to him but affirm you are true to our guild while saying NO! when he asks of us. As for talking with him, perfect... as long as it does not ruin or imper our guild social harmony or the activities we do together.

- remember who we are and what we represent as an identity. Now concentrate one second and remember how he created his own guild. OMG he is such a nice guy......

- I don't want to see the man ever in the Hall that is ours. Never! I believe it makes sense....

- That's it. We move on. Let us speak of other things now. We have not lost much and gained a lot from the experience, far more than he thinks.

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CREED, and CREED again...
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