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 The Gods War

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PostSubject: The Gods War   Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:35 pm

Before we go back to the moment where Grenth & Dwayna appeared to Merlin, maybe you want to now about the gods. As a person living in the present day, where Christendom, Islam and Buddhism, Hinduism are the major religions, it would be hard to understand how the World was suddenly governed by a collection of gods.

Well, it has always been. After all, even Chritendom has a huge collection of Angels, Saints, heroes, patrons, and even the Christian God itself is split in three... Why is it so hard to understand...
Whether Buddha, the Idans gods, any pantheon of the past, or unrescognized saints such as Gandhi, all related to 'the one and only god'.
As for Kahli, Hades, Cthullu, and the whole bunch of archdemons... They were all related to 'The enemy', the one who has many names according to what people said, and who was quite cross from the start with things were done with Humanity, and whose associates were Legion.

So, we can conclude that even though the world offered a huge display of 'fugures', it all turned out to be forces of one side against the other.

1 + 1 = 2

Two parties who had only one goal: influencing humankind's Free Will in order to prove the other side that they were wrong. This little game lasted for thousands of years and in the end almost led to the total annihilation of mankind. As the poor remnents of humanity were rebuilding, there was a truce, as both sides were wondered if their conflict (called Good versus Evil at the time) would ever end one day?

Such as the yin has a black stain and the yang a white stain, both sides understood, though a bit late, that the total domination of one side was impossible. They were blinded by their will to prove the contrary. They finaly understood the logical truth:

1 - 1 = 0

One could not survive without the other, and it was meant to be this way for a reason...

And there came the revelation: Dwayna's revelation actually, one of 'the one and only' most influent servants: if 1 - 1 = 0 (chaos), and 1 + 1 = 2 (endless conflict), the solution lied in the reconsideration of these so-called logical mathematics. 'Dwayna's revelation' is referred to as a new vision, a new logic:

1 + 1 = 1

The Equilibrium, no more bipolar world... but a triangular one, the shape of Equilibrium. For, indeed, the triangle was symbol of unity.

The 'one and only' and 'The Enemy' shook hands, or paws, or whatever they have that can grab things, and the War was over....... Well, not really. 'The one and only' retired, at long last... 'The enemy', in his essence, could never retire, but he split his powers so that he could not be much influential, but still have an eye on things, and that was it. New 'gods' appointed by both parties emerged, all with a specific task, all supposed to maintain the Equilibrium.

Though Dwayna and Grenth clearly represent the two main heritage of the past sides, it is not so....... Some new 'gods' were appointed, some rejected. And just like in every case.... Reject created jealousy......

As for Dwayna and Grenth, they were clearly constently watching each other in order to be sure that the pact was respected. They loved to play nasty tricks to the other in their cosmic pleasure. But the balance was pretty much respected. The main threat would come from elsewhere...... The other gods....... The rejected.........

(Please read the future section about the Gods if you are interested in knowing more details about who they are according to the role playing concept of this background story)
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The Gods War
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