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 Xfire Tutorial

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Auron Kalne

Auron Kalne

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PostSubject: Xfire Tutorial   Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:45 am

Xfire Tutorial Part 1: Downloading the program, creating an account, and operating the program
Greetings Keepers! I am here to teach you how to effectively use the xfire tool so we can stay in contact. Do note this tutorial is of how to work the program, not your profile at the headquarters(website).

First, you must head over to the headquarters of Xfire seen here:

There are three things to note here.

A. Registering your tool. It is the same as registering your name on this Charter.

B. Aquiring the tool.

C. Logging in to the headquarters. It is the same as logging in to the Charter.

Once you have aquired the tool and registered your name, start the tool and log in with your account.

Once you've logged in, you may see something like this:

There are also three things to note here.

A. Your contact list. To add contacts, press the + sign at the bottom left of the list. (My contacts with the orange guy next to them are my AIM contacts.) To delete contacts, right click their name and click ‘Remove Friend.’ This will remove the automated Sample Friend.

B. Your activity report of you and your friends. Towards the bottom you can see other installed components(games). Let's say you have spent 45 hours in Camelot while running the program. It will say you have spent 45 hours in Camelot(Guild Wars) on your profile on the headquarters. My profile can be seen here to give you a better idea of what it will look like to other people. To add any supported components, click on 'Detect Games' to have your tool search for installed components. It also detects when you begin the program, but that can be turned off.

C. The 'Tools' option. When you press it, a dropdown box will appear listing 'Add Friend', 'Options', 'Manage Instant Messenger Accounts ALPHA'(which of the writing of this tutorial only supported AIM. Other clients may be supported in the future.), 'Launch'(used to launch games), 'Skin', 'Theme', and 'Friends'(used to create chat rooms or add groups to put your friends in. Perfect to put the guildmates in.)

Let's press 'Options.'

I know you're not primitive apes, so I do not feel inclined to write a tutorial on these. I did this merely to show you where they were. Smile

Now, let's say you minimized the tool. Where did it go? How do you bring it back up?

It should be in that general area. Smile

All right, you know how to work the tool while not adventuring, but what about when you are? How do you talk to people outside of the Halls of Camelot? How do you respond to people who message you? Let's say you get this(many thanks to Derek Starrunner for his assistance):

Well, if you press Scroll Lock(located near the middle-right of the keyboard in between Print Screen and Pause. A little above the Arrow Keys) and X you get:

Now you can talk! If you'd like to talk to other people as well, press the icon in the upper-left that has three men-shaped beings. When done, just press Scroll Lock+X again and the tool will be minimized until you activate it again. Smile

The Xfire tool has multiple things that can be displayed. My favorite is the clock. You can edit it's location, size, and transparency by pressing Scroll Lock+E:

Other features are to take pictures and video. To take a picture, simply press Scroll Lock+S, with video being Scroll Lock+V. To end the video, just press Scroll Lock+V again.

And so that ends the tutorial! I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions regarding it, please send them my way. Smile My account name is ‘msvhazard1’ even if my nickname says ‘MSVHazard.’

-Auron Kalne

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Auron Kalne

Auron Kalne

Posts : 36
Join date : 2009-09-30
Age : 27
Location : Bradenton, FL

PostSubject: Re: Xfire Tutorial   Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:52 pm

Xfire Tutorial Part 2: Adding AIM, Twitter, and MSN accounts

So you've mastered the art of talking to people in-game have you? Well here's a bit more you can do with the tool!

To add your AIM and MSN accounts to work with xfire, you must first go to Tools and then \Manage Third Party Social Networks:

You'll then see a box with the only clickable button is 'Add Account':

After you add your account(s), your contacts will be added! It should look like a variation of this:

The ones with the orange man are AIM while the greenish icon of two figures are MSN. Those without icons next to their name are xfire contacts.


-Auron Kalne
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Auron Kalne

Auron Kalne

Posts : 36
Join date : 2009-09-30
Age : 27
Location : Bradenton, FL

PostSubject: Re: Xfire Tutorial   Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:56 pm

Xfire Tutorial Part 3: Editing your profile on the website
So you know how to operate the program and add your MSN and AIM contacts, very good, BUT we're not yet done!

So when you log in you'll see this button. Please excuse my HORRIBLE drawing skills. Razz

There are three parts to this tutorial which will be listed as A, B, and C.

A: Editing Information/Games Played
So let's begin by clicking on the 'Edit Profile' link on the top-right:

We will go along the tabs as they need explaining. In the Profile Page Tab, you can select your profile skin, your Gaming Style, Location, Website, etc
etc. Oh, YIM is Yahoo Instant Messenger.

This is your games list, where you can hide games by checking the box to the right of the game and pressing 'Save Changes' on the bottom. Yes, I've
played a LOT of games. Razz

This is where you'd enter in your computer details. You can either enter them in manually or have xfire detect them automatically by clicking the
'Automatically detect this information' text link towards the top. You can also do a combination of the two which is what I did.

B: Editing Uploaded Videos
So you've uploaded a video eh? Let's find out how to edit information, or delete it. Click 'Manage Videos':

The top 'box' is the video title while the bottom is the description. Once edited you press 'Update' off to the right. The delete button makes Unicorns, no it doesn't.

C: Editing Screenshots
So let's edit some photos! Click 'Manage Screenshots':

Notice multiple 'Manage Screenshot' buttons; you press that and are taken to a screen similar to what we saw on the videos, however you only see the
screenshots for that specific game. Pressing on the actual picture brings up a different screen:

Off to the left you see your other pictures; clicking on them replaces the picture in the middle with the picture you clicked on. Edit will let you edit
the caption, and full screen opens the picture at full resolution in another window(or tab). Pressing 'Share' will bring this window up:

Hint: This forum uses BBCode. Razz

Well that ends Part 3! I hope you found it useful!

-Auron Kalne
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PostSubject: Re: Xfire Tutorial   

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Xfire Tutorial
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