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 The Oath of Divine Bond

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PostSubject: The Oath of Divine Bond   Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:12 am

The 5 entered the room with a wooofff of silence. Only Balthazar was displaying a conquering grin on his face. The others were not really in their turf. Beads of sweat were turning to ice on Grenth's forehead; Dwayna's wings were so retracted that she looked merely human; Lyssa and her sister were trying to silently chat in each other's ear; as for Melandru, she found nothing better to do than to knock on wood.

As usual, it was Grenth who broke the silence:

- 'So what exactly is this Oath of Divine Bond.'

- 'Quite easy, old friend', responded the mighty barbarian shape. 'It means that if we ever want to take any type of decision, it has to be openly debated and/or voted. The fact that we are in perfect equilibrium - or at least, that is what I thought before you all began plotting in my back - will prove interesting in terms of vote. We are the 5 and we have been working the wrong way. Nothing has changed since the time of the 'One and Only' and the 'Enemy'!'

Lyssa stopped chatting:

- 'You are kidding, I hope!' she said. 'He is kidding yes', her other half confirmed to the first.

- 'O, am I really? Acting as we did, we have been following a logic worse than that of our predecessors. We have followed a more dangerous and slippery path.'

Dwayna looked terrified now:

- 'Explain', she asked.

- 'Easy. 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5'

Balthazar swelled his chest and proudly smiled at the only piece of arithmetic he might actually have fully mastered without frowning. He then added:

- '... While we should have followed the path of 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 1'

Grenth now ironically clapped while Melandru nodded with a smile.

- 'I thus declare that we now should function as one, and take an oath...' He paused. 'An oath on our immortality'

Even Grenth, pale as he is, looked as if the few remaining colors left in his spectral essence had vanished.

- 'You can't be serious' he meagerly offered, knowing perfectly that if there was one thing Balthazar rarely did, that was jesting.

Balthazar thus offered no answer, for silence was relevant enough to the gravity of the situation.

- 'We should begin right now by decreeing that all those we resurrected having not reached Camelot yet are to be back in their 'former state'. That should take care of all those you secretly took care of as well as of those useless to the Keepers. In the future, if we are to resurrect anybody, we shall discuss it and all agree, or else vote.' He looked at Melandru. 'And we all know that in the majority of cases it is you who make the difference...'

Melandru nodded and sighed.

- 'If either side do not please me, do i get to refuse to vote?'

- 'Yes you can.'

- 'Then I accept the terms.'

- 'I accept the terms too then.' said Dwayna

- 'We accept' said Lyssa

- '...'

All turned to Grenth...

- 'Alright, alright, I accept the terms.'

Balthazar smiled:

-'Sorry friend but I cherish this equilibrium. I do not wish to go back down in the pit where the highest perspective of career is to lick your boots.' Grenth perfectly understood the message, and shrugged with silent pleasure.

- 'Well then... Let us proceed' said Balthazar. 'You all know how us ethereal creatures put our eternity at stake, now don't you?'

All solemnly nodded as one.

(to be continued)
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The Oath of Divine Bond
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