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 Zephyr / Winter NERONIA Games 2009

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PostSubject: Zephyr / Winter NERONIA Games 2009   Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:04 pm

The Neronia games were a Roman mock of the Olympic Games, involving the arts as well. Created by Emperor Nero, they gathered the finest of men and contestants (when Nero himself did not declare himself winner at every game...)

December's Solstice is almost on us (the 21st) and the era of Zephyr is about to begin again.

For this end of the year I thus offer to play these games, and not just the classical joust.

Here are the categories:

- Jousting (of course)
- Poetry
- Rhetoric
- Athletics
- Music
- Endurance
- Wisdom

You can sign up for as many categories as you wish. But be careful, the Games begin exactly December the 21st at 11.47 am (Eastern) and last until the 31st, so there won't be any approval of late inscriptions. Do this immediately.

The fee is 1k or a perfect gold weapon or a green weapon for each category you wish to participate in. Note tor jousting, you can pay once but sign up with up to two characters. For any other category, only one character can sign up. Please pay your fee as soon as you register.

The winner of each category will be given gifts, money, and a specific title and a role that goes with it. Here is a description of the games:


Just as usual. Check 'the Jousting Rules' in CODES AND RULES for more info. Two characters can participate and write down their name. The first and second profession used for the jousting is to be written down in advance, so that jousters can ponder each other and adapt their builds. Signify your choice between brackets next to the name of your candidates and stick to it for the rest of the Games. The winner shall become GRAND CHAMPION and Heir of Camelot.


It is an exercise of improvisation and talent. The King will meet the candidates separately and give a specific theme to each of them You will then have exactly one hour to write something down and then no time limit to recite your work. Of course, no plagiarism will be accepted, even a single sentence. The size of the poem as well as its quality is to be judged. Try to find the right balance between the two. The winner shall become the KING'S BARD.


In the same way, this exercise is one of improvisation and talent. The goal is to see your talent for negotiations and argumentation. The King will give each candidate a lost cause to defend, most likely extreme, and you will have 10 minutes to prepare your arguments. After that, you will be asked for 10 minutes to defend the cause you were given and convince the King with your arguments. If many participants register, it is possible that face to face argumentation arises, some candidates after to defend drastically different positions. The winner shall become the OMBUDSMAN.


You will accompany the Queen to a specific place in Tyria (the original game 'Prophecies'), that is a City, outpost or Mission. She will then reveal to you the destination where she wishes to go to. All participants will be in the same party and you will have to run fast. For each portal crossed, the first candidate to do so scores one point. When the last portal is crossed, that candidate gets 3 points. Once arrived in this secret destination, we count the points up, and the winner will be elected Camelot's ESCORT.

5 - MUSIC:

Three themes will be revealed ahead of time and the candidates will have 24 hours to find the perfect songs related to the themes. Since the candidates will have to play the song with the emotes of the game, the song can be sung, but only with one instrument in the background (flute, violin, guitar, or drumming). You may consider that there are up to two other people with you playing other instruments as well, but you have to play either of the four instrumental emotes. After the 24 hours are over all candidate meet up in the Hall and provide the King with their songs. That is, an internet link where the songs can be heard as your character plays is to be given, or a mp3 file must be sent via xfire. The most relevant songs will elect the MAESTRO.


In groups of four, you will be taken to the most atrocious parts of the three continents and will be watched as you fight terrible monsters, following your leader's orders. If you fall once, you fail. The last standing wins. If no victor stands out, other missions will be held in lesser groups: three, and finally two. The winner, which will be the last to stand on his or her feet, will be elected Camelot's MENHIR.


Are you up for the challenge to answer Merlin's quiz on questions related to culture, history, art, literature and even a few riddles? The winner will become LOREMASTER.

That's it... keep an eye on the titles under the TITLES section of the forum, for they will be posted soon, and go write down your name in the candidate list that you will find in this GAMES OF HONOR section.

Let the games begin!!!
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Zephyr / Winter NERONIA Games 2009
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