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 DWAYNA, Goddess of Life and Air

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PostSubject: DWAYNA, Goddess of Life and Air   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:58 pm

And when the world rang with the clanging of swords and did fire fall from the skies, Dwayna, goddess of life and air, heard the wailings and pleas of the weak.

And when the rumblings of war did not cease, came Her charge, Doric, who did prostrate himself at Her feet.

And cast She now a glance upon the war-torn lands and wasted flesh of the fallen, and with tears upon Her cheek did lay Her gentle hands upon the prostrate man. Then saith She unto to him and all Her charges, "Lay down thy weapons, and as I have done unto ye, so ye must do for your brethren. Offer protection to the weak. Give solace and shelter to those who need it. Be ye a salve to the wounded.

"For I am your goddess, and I will give blessings to all who follow these teachings."

-- Scriptures of Dwayna: 115 BE (Before Exodus)

Dwayna is Known to be the goddess of life and air, patroness of Monks, Aeromancers and Paragons.

After Humankind brought itself at the verge of its complete annihilation, Dwayna, who was at the time a Seraph of the 'One and Only', asked for an appointment with her Eternal Suzerain. All the angels were quite schocked, because you could see anger in her eyes... And the last Seraph who dared speak to the One and Only with anger, at the time called Lucifer (his named referred to the vivid light his body was creating), was chased and cast down to Pendemonium, in a place of darkness where his light could be seen by no one, and where his name had to constantly change. He became known as 'The Enemy'

All the angels were gossiping, talking low, whispering rumors of another rebel. Indeed, Dwayna remained devoted and polite but could not confine her anger. Once standing in front of her Eternal Suzerain, she claimed: - This stupid conflict has to end...

All the Heavens trembled.....

She explained that as long as Good and Evil would exist, there would be war.... That humanity already invented expressions such as 'necessary Evil' or 'as Good as it gets', and that this bipolar conflict did not make sense any more. If Humankind would disappear, what would happen: no more prayers for the Heavens, no more fun for Hell...... Good and Evil would have no more reason to exist. The same thing would happen if Good or Evil conceded the world to the other side... Good is defined as such because of Evil and vice versa, there could not be only Good or Evil....

As her argument made sense to the 'One and Only', the Eternal Suzerain asked Dwayna to come with a solid project, with graphs, philosophies, etc... to defend. (cf: the article 'The Equilibrium')

In the end, her project was accepted, and among the ancestral Angels, Dwayna is the only remaining Seraph... All the other Seraphs retired with The One and Only, in order to have peace, and to marvel at the Equilibrium.

Cherubs, Thrones, and all the angels were asked to be the guardian protector of every Monk. From this day, each monk prays and receives blessings and powers from one of Dwayna's angel...

She is remembered as the Creator of The Equilibrium... A solid atomic gathering of 5 God figures...

(Please read the description of the other gods in order to discover how they were entertwined into this solid cosmic project)
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DWAYNA, Goddess of Life and Air
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