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 The avenging of Cobius Kalne; Auron Kalne's battle with the Betrayer

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Auron Kalne

Auron Kalne

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PostSubject: The avenging of Cobius Kalne; Auron Kalne's battle with the Betrayer   Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:21 pm

There he stands, face to face with the betrayer
The very man who forsook his Father to the Mantle of White
In the Maguuma on the Bloodstone a battle will take place
Auron Kalne's heart burns as a thousand fires, his eyes shine with anger
William Hurman is his name, betrayer of Cobius Kalne, Father of Auron
The Monk clutches his wand and shield tight, his stance erratic
Derek Starrunner of Camelot clutches his sword and shield tight, his stance focused
'A meger number, you be!' the betrayer spoke
'A meger number yes, but with the strength of an army!' Derek shouted
Auron did not speak for if he did, a thousand curses would touch his lips
'Cobius was blind, he did not see right the winning side!'
These words were sharp enough to pierce the heart of the Monk, as did he charge wand in front
William raised his shield, throwing it against Auron's face
Derek charged forth, shield in front, sword behind him
'Auron!' he cried as his friend was knocked to the ground
William rose his sword, and brought it down onto the Monk
Auron's hand was not quick enough; to put the shield in the way
The blade pierced the torso of him, embedding him onto the Bloodstone
He cried out as Derek swung his blade at the betrayer, only missing by an inch
The two battle fiercely, steel colliding with steel
Auron slowly took the sword out from him, realizing what it was
His Father's sword. Cobius' sword.
'What will you do now?' William asked Derek. 'I am untouchable! No one can slay one such as I! I have been blessed by the Unseen!'
Auron charged at William who's vision was blocked by Derek.
With quick thought, Derek knelt, allowing Auron a platform of sorts to launch off of
Auron jumped off of Derek, giving him a clear stab at the betrayer's face
He plunged the sword deep within the cranium, killing the betrayer
He removed the blade from the betrayer.
'It is done.' Auron said. 'My Father avenged, my mind relived. Thank you my friend.'
Derek smiled. 'You would have done the same for me.'
The two walked off and smiled, Auron clutching his Father's blade close to him.
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The avenging of Cobius Kalne; Auron Kalne's battle with the Betrayer
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