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 Of My Leaving Camelot...

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PostSubject: Of My Leaving Camelot...   Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:42 am

To Keepers of the Equilibrium,

-Alas, a day I did not foresee, wounds I did not expect to receive.

-Loyalty, as his brother trust, is something that is earned over the course of time, but also as fragile as glass and easily lost when broken.

-For o’er three months I have been among you as a comrade and companion. Some I have come to know as kin, and others I am gladly to know as friend. Yet, I have been wronged. Not once yet numerous times throughout my stay here within the guild.
And my faith as my loyalty has waned and grows weak.

-I shall not lay the finger on who wronged me, nor shall I attempt to incite an argument. I just want it to be known that I was wronged when I don’t believe I had committed any act to deserve.

-I shall only express the concern of a most recent event so as not to delve into long winded tales of each event.

-Of the most recent incident, which did hurt me, was in regards to the Neronia Games.
I was looking forward to competing within Poetry, Menhir, Atheletics and as well Wisdom. Although I failed in two of the four contests I enjoyed myself and do congratulate the winners for their well earned victories.

Yet, of Wisdom I was wronged.

-Saturday the 26th, the gathered contestants waited, in a show of generosity by Ced, for Commander Starrunner to appear.
Awaiting the good Commader, my family appeared IRL and I had to leave GW for the evening.

I was asked if I should be returning the following evening to continue what was occurring at 9:00pm EST. As before, for it happened as well Tuesday the 22nd, when the game couldn’t be completed in one day, I agreed to the terms.

Yet, now I learn that the games were continued, and congratulations to the Commander for winning, that evening and although the games could have been postponed for certain members, it seems it could not and was not postponed for me. I who had left under the impression that it was to continue the following day.

Now, do I complain about the game missed or the title lost? No, I do not. I complain because it hurts to believe that the friendship I had built within the guild means little to nothing; that my show of honest loyalty and dedication were for naught.

Again this is, but only one of the few incidents that have occurred.

Perhaps this will fall upon deaf ears, perhaps some of you will come to think of me looking to garner attention or just being a naïve fool. Yet, in the end it hurts, to say the least.

I shall resign my position as Lady/Lord and shall humbly leave the guild. I do not believe I shall find another guild as well organized and put together as the Keepers of the Equilibrium and that is a cause for regrets.

Yet, I am firm in my decision.

May the gods bless Keepers of the Equilibrium,

-Empress Veliana/ Maximillius Thael
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PostSubject: Re: Of My Leaving Camelot...   Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:52 pm

As a quick reply because I am away for a few days,

To start off, dates were posted ahead of time and as people have seen written down, at the basis, all who missed were supposed to await disqualification.

I have been quite nice organizing these events, titles, dates and spending the last two weeks just doing this and taking care of you guys, barely playing. Now, though I understand real life issues, most of you could not attend the games on time, or did not attend them at all, which even though it disappointed me regarding the efforts I put to create them, I understood and swallowed as real life issues. I certainly did not hold grudges against anyone, nor did I ever thought of... leaving the guild.

The games stop the 31st if we follow tradition and I was about to hold off Wisdom for one more day, but as the evening passed I realized I could not log on until the end of the Games, so I decided to finish them as soon as possible. They were scheduled to end Saturday anyway.

Now, something wrong i did and understood, something I will do for the next game is address the date of each game directly into the candidate list so that you are directly aware of time and day as you register and can ponder if you can attend ahead of time. Sorry guys, it was my first shot with these games, and nothing is perfect the first time. I still believe it was not too bad. And as the Romans used to say: Errare humanum est.

Now, though I understand your disappointment, I ask you to ponder it facing the one I had every day, as I was waiting for people for hours, postponing, or cancelling games I gave so much joy into preparing. But I am not the one to consider, for as I said, in the end, I understood my wrongs and believe the event could have been better prepared, though it takes a few absences and tardiness to transform a happy event into something less funny.

No... I want you to ponder the disappointment you have missing a game that was not too important, a disappointment which is directed at me (fine... I can survive it), facing the disappointment i am sure every one will have when they will realize that we lost an Officer in which we had placed the most blind hope from day one, and who let the ones he calls friends down because of something I consider a detail, compared to the role we all hoped he could take for the sake of us all.

You think it is me that you hurt in leaving, and I understand your will to do so, but it is us all you let down in the end.

Now, I am, have always been, and will always be leading this guild, and I do not fall into bargain and blackmail as a rule of honor. Nevertheless, my trust in you has not withered, and I am ready to welcome you back among us if such is your wish. Since I believe the matter at hand not to be overly important, I am even ready to let you face the Loremaster (something I could have done if you just have asked) and see who is best, because after all, this is the type of fun these games were all about.

Now since leaving a guild out of such impulse is nothing but fun, when speech can always make a difference, I wish, if you want to join us again, that you understand that such behavior is not really appropriate for the role you have and in which we put all our trust.

And remember our policy: 'People can leave the guild once and come back. They cannot do so twice.'

In the hope that you'll come back to us soon, because if you leave we will suffer an enormous loss, I give you my most sincere apologies if I have hurt you, because I was far from wishing that to happen.

Enjoy the end of the year properly,

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Of My Leaving Camelot...
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