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 LYSSA, Twin Goddess of Beauty and Illusion

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PostSubject: LYSSA, Twin Goddess of Beauty and Illusion   Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:39 pm

And it was, that a stranger came to the village of Wren seeking shelter and employment. Though young in years, her body was stooped and twisted, her flesh eaten by disease.

"Ye have the mark of plague upon ye," said the citizen named Gallrick. "Leave this place lest you sicken our people."

"I've lost my family and my home," cried the desperate woman. "Have you no heart?"

Yet each person, in turn, did look away.

Then from the crowd came a young woman, Sara. She looked upon the woman with pity. "If you need help," said Sara, "I will give it." And Sara did approach the gnarled, bent woman and did offer her a helping hand.

Then the sickened woman pulled from her body the robes of plague, revealing Herself to be the goddess Lyssa.

The people of Wren fell to their knees, begging Lyssa's mercy. But lifting Sara gently, saith She, "True beauty is measured not by appearance but by actions and deeds. Many have eyes, but few have seen. Of all here, you saw the beauty behind the illusion. And you alone shall be blessed with My gifts."

-- Scriptures of Lyssa: 45 BE

Lyssa is the Twin Goddess of beauty and illusion. She is the patroness of Mesmers and some Assassins.

The twin goddess of beauty and illusion, many a spell caster has fallen under the charms of these two, making it easy for them to choose to specialize in the mesmeric arts. Lyssa is usually portrayed in her natural state; a pair of twin, intertwined goddesses, back to back, no illusions or glamours involved. There are stories of young men stopping to gaze longingly at statues of the beautiful goddesses, only to forget themselves and die of thirst while simply looking on.

Who is Lyssa? Let us come back to the story of the Equilibrium...

Dwayna and the new leader of the Underworld, whoever it was, could not be the only two Gods of the Equilibrium, or things would have come back to the old ways soon enough. Moreover, the fact the 'The one and only' retired but that 'The Enemy' split his self only all his minions, including Grenth, was a subject of Worry for the Heavens. We needed balance and Equilibrium, and the situation, so far, was not quite fair.

Dwayna had an idea, and through this idea she did a real miracle... She tricked the 'Trickster'.

Exposing to 'The enemy' the unfairness of the situation, she came to this idea: "Let us both choose another leader and appoint this leader to the task of beaing part of the Equilibrium. You can pick anyone, as can I...."

'The Enemy' was pleased with the idea and, since he had to choose first, he appointed his first general, the one who has been most faithful to his cause from the day tha Paradise was lot to this very day of the creation of the Equilibrium: Belzebub.

Having made his choice, it was Dwayna's turn. But she proved clever. She chose a goddess in order to balance the present masculine dominence of the gods, but in order to paliate the fact that 'The Enemy' was in every one of his followers, she chose a mortal, whose name was Lyssa.

Now, as you may be aware of, according to the old ways, every mortal was 'the One and Only's' creation, and its Eternal presence was insuflated into every single one of his creations. So to sum it up, though 'The Enemy' was present deep inside every Demon Lord, meaning Grenth, 'The One and Only' was now also present deep inside Lyssa.

Angels don't share this Gracious favor, and 'The Eternal' does not dwell inside them. So in order to bring the balance properly, Dwayna chose to appoint a Twin Goddess. 'The Enemy' would be lingering inside Grenth, but 'The One and Only' would have a double presence inside Lyssa's meterialisation.

Dwayna did not appoint just anyone... Lyssa was a martyr... Born as siemese sisters, her father had to sacrifice Lyssa's siemese half, whose name has not been remembered, in order to make the other survive survive. This 'other half' was named Lyssa.

Lyssa experienced from her early age the hatred of her mother, since it was considered her fault that her sister died. She experienced humankind's bitter sense for quick judgement and mockery (she was a little hunched and carried a huge scar that she could never completely hide), as well as that of cheap violence.

Lyssa never sought vengeance or back fire. She swallowed every comment and every hit she would receive. She was very aware of and confident in some sort of a 'Mighty Judgement'. She was noone to take a life.

By appointing Lyssa the martyr as one of the Gods of the Equilibrium, Dwayna answered Lyssa's hopes for 'Judgement' in granting her with the reurrection of her 'other half', eternal beauty and self-confidence, as well as the power to modify appearances. After all, who could have been the best candidate to become Goddess of Illusion, but a young girl who had experienced the arbitrary sense of Humankind's Free Will as well as its fondness for superficiality.

Since then, Lyssa stands for the exemple of Humankind's self inflicted treachery and selfishness, and she loves to expose most of us with our wrongs in every day life.

Since then, The Festival of Lyss (Lyssa's diminutive name, or as some would think, the name of her 'other half') is an annual Vabbian celebration held on the Day of Lyss, to honor the goddess Lyssa, patroness of Vabbi, who, according to the lore, "shaped the land" and "molded the Vabbians in her own glorious image".
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LYSSA, Twin Goddess of Beauty and Illusion
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