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PostSubject: THE CLERICAL PATH   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:14 pm

Your keen intellect, your sense of spirituality, your social skills and love for sheer Role Play, your respect for the Gods and the sacred Equilibrium, and your will to preserve life has led you to choose this path.

This path consists of 5 new ranks:

- Brother / Sister
- Father / Mother
- Confessor
- Cardinal
- Saint Master

So far three important things to keep in mind:

1 - Choose a Lord / Lady from the Nobility you will be attached to. At the difference of Knights, you do not 'depend on' a House, since the Clergy is an independant State. Rather, you are attached to a House, you have to show your chosen Noble respect, but you are not obliged to follow their orders as Knights do. You have to find the correct line between respect and independence. You are an advisor figure, and you are to your Noble what Merlin is to the King.

2 - Choose a Clerical Master among Auron and Ayumi who is going to be your tutor.

3 - Choose a favorite part of the forum section between the Lore, Rules and Codes, or Social Events. That does not mean that you won't know the rest; it means that you will be renowned soon as a specialist of this choice.

Now here is what is expected of you:

- This is a path for those who wish to be philosophers, teachers, and storytellers, not just monks. The more you prove an accurate reader of the forum, its stories and rules, the higher you'll rise. Your role is to be a wiseman, a source of inspiration. You have to make sure that our members read the forum articles properly, understand them, and apply their content.

- You have to choose a single God and that God will grant you specific powers. Make sure you make the right choice because after you have chosen, you won't be able to change. Your choice is final. According to the God you have chosen, your rank might move on, but your title will differ. You are not called a "monk", but according to your God, you either are known as Cleric (Dwayna), Acolyte (Grenth), Druid (Melandru), Shaman (Balthazar), or Seer (Lyssa). So for instance, you could introduce yourself as Cardinal John, Shaman of Balthazar... Now here is what each God can grant you:

Dwayna: You have been blessed with the gift of Rightfulness. Thus, your voice counts twice during the King's High Counsel. Beware of this power because when we gather, it makes the wheel of fortune turn fast. The future of our guild can depend of these voices, and there are not many that vote.

Grenth: You are allowed to sentence anyone in the guild (newcomers, Knights and even Nobles) with punitive measures if you witness some improper behavior, or some fault against our codes. You can assign without consultation of the King a "Light" sentence, according to our codes, but if you feel a heavier sanction is to be endured by the guilty party, inform the King and discuss what you have witnessed with him. You are somehow the guild's Police.

Melandru: You are blessed with abundance. You can ask anything from the guild at any time in order to either help yourself or a "strong member". Your role is to make sure everyone is rightly equipped and is not in need of anything. If such is the case you have then to go and seek several members, or pass on the message yourself, until you gather what is needed (to the best of your abilities). Do not hesitate to use that right for yourself as well, though you should not abuse it. You can thus gather weapons, dyes, runes, materials, gold, anything really...

Lyssa: Your many moods make you the perfect social being in the guild. Every event that is organized by the guild will be in need of your help, whether it is a game event, a social event or a scenario event. You will have a role to play and Merlin will need you backing for a few things. Also, every time a new article has been posted, it is your social duty to engage the conversation with all the other members about it, to make sure they understand it, and have an idea of how they like it. Report feedback to the King. He wants his people to be happy.

Balthazar: Your tastes for war have granted you a special privilege. You have all the privileges and role of a Knight Lieutenant in terms of tutoring. You become then the perfect tutor, both Martial and Clerical. Go read "The Chivalric Path" under RANKS for a complete idea of what your tutees have to know in each rank. On the other hand, you somehow follow the codes of chivalry, without being a knight. Rather, you are a hybrid genre sharing the codes of honor of Knighthood but the independence of Clergy.

- You are expected to be a tutor of philosophy, law, lore and etiquette. You will be given students, and according to their rank, you will have to teach them and test them thereafter. Be careful, do not rush the apprenticeship and make sure every step has been meticulously covered before you claim they are ready to rise in ranks. Also, if you feel that the tutee is not good enough, or does not learn correctly, inform the Master or the King. We do not want members who are a nuisance for the system. Finally, when you assign forum readings to your tutees, do not force them to read straight away. Ask them for a deadline according to their own schedule and meet one or a couple of days later, by appointment, after reading is done, in order to begin the training properly. Your tutees will have to be trained and tested as followed:

Page: Etiquette and Humility... At this point you want to make your tutee read "What is the Third Estate?", "Member of the Third Estate", and "Page" and make sure he is well aware of what this guild is and what is expected of him. He will have to read the articles in A FEUDAL SOCIETY and THE IMPORTANCE OF ROLE PLAY. (Make sure you remember yourself what is said there) Make sure your tutees know, quickly recognize, and quickly respond to the rules of Etiquette and Courtesy of the Guild. Teach them how to salute properly, and what to wear and when to wear it, so that they become used to it. Insist on the fact that these rules are very important for Role Play and constitute the precious core of our system. This cannot be stressed enough. Also make sure the Page satisfies our needs and expectations in terms of behavior. Boasters, annoying pages who slow us down, psychos, or schemers are to be avoided. Finally, remember pages are also messengers of the guild. In terms of Role Play, assign them with a few messages or items to deliver to other people in the guild. It is a perfect way for you to see if they recognize proper etiquette. Set some meetings up, and make sure all is done properly. Observe them for a few days and when you think them ready, inform the Master or a Noble.

Squire: Law and Justice... That is a big one, and you will have to spend some time with your tutees there. Assign them to read the section CODES AND RULES. They do have to understand how to act, what to do, and what not to do if they want to be part of our Order. You can assign them with progressive reading exercises and make sure they have learnt their lesson by quizzing them. Make sure they have learnt, but also that they fully understand what they have learnt. You should also ask them to read the description of the King's role under RANKS and make sure they agree with that. We do not want people who can later suddenly turn against us because they do not like part of the system. Finally, it is also time for you to give them a complete Tour of the Forum. They shall be taught of the existence and use of the page "Fraternity of the Third estate" under ORDERS AND REQUESTS, as well as the section WHAT'S NEW. You have to make sure they check it regularly. They also shall be taught how to use xfire, and of the important of our 'social days'.

Armiger: Background stories and lore... Send your tutee to read everything he can find in the collection of sections called BACKGROUND STORIES. "The Setting", "The Gods" are to be focused on. "Stories of Camelot" and "Character Background" can be read but just for personal pleasure, nothing is imposed... Our lore is important since it gives us tools to know in what contexts our newcomers can create their own plot, their own background stories. It gives us our originality and shapes most of our Role Play. It should not be underestimated. Also, you should meet with your tutee and have philosophical discussions about the identity and ideals of the guild from time to time. Since there is a lot to learn and to prove, Armiger is the one Rank most of your tutees will keep the longest. Still, it is their Knight tutor's role to teach them how to fight, but if you have some knowledge about their skills and how to use them properly, you can give a little hand here. When you think them ready, inform the Master or a Noble.

Bachelor / Bachelorette: Reviewing... Give them an overall of everything they have been learning so far. They need to review and to be ready for the Holy Test. They also have to visit and read all they have not read yet on the forum. The overview shall be complete. As a ultimate test, it is your duty to find time and give your tutee a blank test, close to what the Holy Test might be… In this ultimate test, you will ponder his/her ability to recognize our codes, remember our stories, and to apply anything that you’ve taught him/her at first. When the test is done, notify the King or a Noble, and we might have a new Sir / Damsel around, for the Test is near.

- The wearing of the cape is an intriguing question for members of the Clergy. Indeed, in the days of old, a blazon referred to the King while most Clerics abided by the pope, another type of authority. A cleric's blazon was its Christian cross. The Main Hall is the Court of Nobility, so you are not allowed to display your cape but do you really want to? As a somehow independent member of the Church, you can find other means to honor your first boss, that is your chosen God! While it is your duty to display the cape in towns and cities, it can very well be restricted to advertisement purposes, when your recruit for the guild, for your real blazon is something else. Your armor's color, as well as your beliefs & temper, shall reflect your god. Such is your mark. The lower you are in the social ladder of Clergy, the most discreet your armor colors shall be. The highest, the shinier. Of course each God has its favorite panel of colors. Dwayna favors silver, white and light blue, or light pink. Melandru favors brown, orange, green and turquoise. Grenth favors gray, dark brown, dark blue, dark purple, and black. Lyssa favors pink, purple, and blue. Balthazar favors red, orange, light brown and yellow. Now say hi to the dye trader. And remember, there should be a progression of colors as you climb the ladder. Add some gold or shiny silver to it later if you wish, not at the beginning...
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