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 Brother / Sister (1st rank)

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PostSubject: Brother / Sister (1st rank)   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:15 pm

"The Laboratores' eyes were turned under the earth, making sure through agriculture that everyone was not starving, sometimes at their own demise. The Bellatores eyes were turned everywhere on the earth, making sure nobody was threatening the meager benefits they would make on every boarder. As for the Oratores, their eyes were turned above the Earth, towards the eternal sky, where the Gods were watching..."

- The Wise Words of Merlin, Chapter 11, page 376

You are called 'Brother' or 'Sister' by any individual, for you belong the Clergy but you chose to serve Camelot. You have intellectual responsibilities regarding our members who are trying to rise from Page to Sir / Damsel. As a Brother / Sister, you belong an independent state: The Clergy, but you still answer to the King of the land. You also are supreme teacher of any Member assigned to your care: Pages, Squires, Armigers and Bachelors/Bachelorettes. Since now you are a mental trainer, you have to be aware of what Camelot is, its history, its Grand Members' history, its law, etc... of all the codes of this Guild in order to be able to exemplify them, but also to teach them. Here is what is expected of you:

- Your part of the job, as a Cleric tutor, is to focus on the intellectual. cultural, and judicial learning of our recruits. The Order needs you to sharpen their minds and be aware of the Heritage of the Order they belong to, as well as its codes.

- You represent an example of wisdom for the Guild. Show the right example by developing your Role Play skills and training your apprentices. You represent the Gods' authority here. They have to show you respect, but at the same time they depend on you to learn codes and legends. You have to tell them when they don't RP (use parenthesis), when they don't wear the guild's blazon correctly, when they act improperly, when they don't salute properly, etc... You are their etiquette trainer and they need to understand its importance for our identity as a guild. The talent, devotion, and passion you will put in your task will have a strong influence on the shape of our future members.
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Brother / Sister (1st rank)
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