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 FATHER / MOTHER (2nd rank)

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PostSubject: FATHER / MOTHER (2nd rank)   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:16 pm

"Some say that the best Clergymen are those who can grant you the entrance to the Heavens once you've fallen. I say the best Clergymen are those who can prevent it..."

- The Wise Words of Merlin; Chapter 12, page 664

The role of a father / mother is to save lives on the field either by healing, curing, protecting, supporting, or massively banishing a pack of enemies. As a sibling figure you were the one who taught how to behave, but as a parent figure, you are now also the one who protects their offspring. Here is what is expected of you:

- On the field, you are a source on which we should count. Having an eye on a group of your teammates in an art. It requires training, patience, and the highest sense of devotion. Ideally, there should be one to two of you in every group of adventurers. At this point of your career, you should develop, in addition of your damage based builds, what are called supporting builds, which focus more on supporting your teammates in their tactics than dealing damage. Of course a few damage spells have to be included inside these builds but one or two would be a good quota. The rest should be supportive. Try to create at least one strong supportive build of the sort and put it to practice. If you need some tactics or advice, ask any qualified member of the Chivalric path for some training.

- You are, by Camelot's law, priority number one among the chosen protectors and supportive units in the party of any given Mission, farming stroll, or quest. Fathers / Mothers should be the logical choice in every mission.

- Choose a Big City to relate to. You now represent Camelot's Church in this Big City. What is your doctrine? Your principles? Your chosen God? Your rites? All of these have to be adapted to the story of the Big City, and of the Country it is set in (check GW Wiki). Please get to know these stories. You have either lived there in the past or are somehow tied to this particular City. Work on your role play according to this background.

- Teaching our ways remains your job. Thus, if you have good supportive build ideas, share some with your tutees and teach them the importance of supportive spells and skills and how to make it functional. They might end up leading men on the field, leading men in their thoughts, or simply ... leading men...
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FATHER / MOTHER (2nd rank)
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