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 Cardinal (4th rank)

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PostSubject: Cardinal (4th rank)   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:18 pm

"Clerics, shamans, acolytes, druids, seers... The gods of the Equilibrium watch them all. But among Clergymen themselves, some are appointed to watch over the others as well."

- The Wise Words of Merlin, Chapter 14, page 357

You have been chosen by the Gods to become Cardinal, a representative of the Temple of the Ages, where the Equilibrium is kept alive. You represent both your God and the Equilibrium now, and understand the value of keeping the Alliance of the 5 true Gods unspoiled. Here is what is expected of you:

- Cardinals meet in the Temple of the Ages at the end of every month and discuss how things are going in the Guild. This meeting is called the "Holy Gathering". Most of the Cardinals have received confessions, have new tutees, and keep close relationships with the Nobility, Chivalry and the King himself. Your sense of wisdom can make you debate without violence, expose problems or wishes for the future. In tune with the will of the Gods, you have to find ways to keep the harmony in our guild intact. Once you have agreed on a few ways, you can, if you wish, let the other Clergy members and/or the King know of some of your choices, or you can keep discreet. The Gathering being held according to an agreement on secrecy, you can thus keep your decisions secret.

- Out of pride and joy, Camelot has decided to offer you a cottage somewhere in the lands that are attached to the Big City you have previously chosen. Visit the outposts depending on the City (for instance, the Hot Springs for Lion's Arch, or Piken Square for Ascalon) and choose a house there. It is now yours. In exchange, you are asked to get to know the people in town and see if some souls need your wisdom.

- Beyond the tutees you will be given, it is now your duty to make sure that our members of Chivalry and Nobility do not forget our lore and ways. Once a month, you should meet with them and have a discussion about the things they are eager to forget. It is your duty to keep their knowledge intact and to direct them to do some readings should they prove flawed in their knowledge of our system or culture.
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Cardinal (4th rank)
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