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 SAINT MASTER (5th rank)

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PostSubject: SAINT MASTER (5th rank)   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:25 pm

"At the difference of the hero who has to make his way to satisfy the gods, a Saint already satisfies the Gods but have to make their way."

- The Wise Words of Merlin; chapter 15, page 51

You are now a Saint. People now refer to you as Master, just like Merlin. As a Saint, the five gods have granted their interest to you and officially you are one of their patrons. Among the Keepers of the Equilibrium, you are a figure of sanctity one can trust. Here is what is expected of you:

- Part of your new duties are to be a source of constant inspiration, information and wisdom, beyond the Third Estate, the Chivalry and the Nobility, but also for those of the Clergy themselves. Just as you met with Knights and Nobles, you now have to meet with those of the Clergy once a month and make sure they have no flaws in the knowledge of our ways and culture. Remember, members are taught by the Clergy.... Now if your role is to teach and keep The Clergy in good shape, that means that your expertise in the intellectual and in the spiritual will help the whole of the guild. Your role has never been as demanding, but what you have to offer has never been needed as much.

- You are also a pathfinder, in the sense that you have the duty to polish our guild with your wise ideas and additions. Any philosophical question you want to raise from our ways, any rule of étiquette you want to question or improve, any information you learn about a God or any manuscript or story you have yourself found about old Camelot, could help the Guild.

- As a Saint, you also become the patron of something in the Chronicles of Sanctity: a notion, a virtue, an art, anything... Choose wisely what patron you became. Your choice might have some repercussions. Tell Master Merlin after you have made your choice.

- Finally, as a major scholar, it could be nice if from time to time you organized guild classes, or just a few speeches about things that fit your area of expectise. It could be a discussion about a poem, or history, a culture, chivalry, nature, philosophy. Just anything... It can also be tied to your patronage choice, but not necessarily. Remember to always affirm your intellectual role and image.

- Lastly, you become an "Officer" (in terms of Guild War gaming system, you will not be referred to as "Officer"), that is to say you can accept or kick members from the guild yourself, or send guest invitations to our Hall. But beware... you are not a Noble, and thus do not share the privileges of Nobility.
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SAINT MASTER (5th rank)
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