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 The Noble Path

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PostSubject: The Noble Path   Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:30 pm

Titles for the Officers:

- Lord / Lady
- Baron / Baroness
- Count / Countess
- Marquis / Marquise
- Duke / Duchess

As heir of Camelot, families of Nobles either descend from Ancient and respected Celtic, Roman, or Briton families, or any other family that could have been allies of Camelot in the days of old.

According to the principles of this guild, you are called ‘Noble’, 'Noblemen/women’ or ‘The Nobility’. As Nobles, your main job is to supervise, administer and influence the Guild’s future a lot more. This is a demanding position, not just the fun of being an Officer without efforts. You are now a suzerain, and you have to make the codes of the Guild respected.

Becoming a Noble is not a path dedicated for everyone. You need to understand a few prerequisites. Here is what is required of Nobles:

- A strong will to get involved into the guild’s administrative process and management.
- Possessing the 4 games (Guild Wars core + Factions + Nightfall + Eye of the North).
- Show up every single day (in general) and be extremely active (play at least 3 to 4 hours a day), and be active during the hours most of the guild is active.
- Sacrifice half of your playing time to meet with members, organize things, and supervise. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WILL PLAY THE GAME HALF AS OFTEN AS USUAL.
- Know the Forum by heart, and keep a constant eye on what's new, whether these are articles, events, or just social posts.
- Be also ready to tutor martial or clerical classes on the side (you choose when you decide to become Noble) in order to help Clerics and Knights.

So if you are a game geek and if you want to play and develop your characters very hard, do not be a Noble. Nobles take part of their own time to organize things for the Guild. They recruit, store, and supervise training and good behavior. To sum it up, it involves time, devotion, and responsibility and it is not meant to be for everyone. If you want to favor gaming, then you shall remain a Member, choosing the path of Knighthood or Clergy.

Here is what is expected of every Noble, whatever his/her Rank is:

- you will be assigned fully trained Knights and Clergymen, at your own service. The number will change according to your Rank. Your role will be to supervise the dedication these tutors give to their tasks, to keep track of the progress of their tutees, and to test the rise of Ranks of Third Estate members when the King is not around. When both tutors consider the tutee ready to rise in ranks, both must tell you. Make sure that you have the consent of both tutors and not just one. What you need to do next is check under the article related to the current Rank of the tutee to see what he/she needs to have learnt. Take some time to reread some of the articles you might have forgotten a bit. When you are ready, meet with the tutee, and ask him / her 1 to 3 questions and see if he/she is ready to move on from the answers. You see now why you have to constantly know what is in the forum and come back to some articles regularly. vary the questions you ask and do not hesitate to go back to some readings yourself from time to time. Do not underestimate or force the rising in Ranks of members. If there are things they do not know that they are supposed to, refuse their rise in Rank, and send the tutee back to work.

- You need to go on the forum before you log in every day. As soon as you put a foot in the game, you need to be able to both answer any question about any new post, but also make sure people have read the new posts. It is your role to harass people into doing so. Guild announcements and the section WHAT'S NEW on the Forum are not there for nothing. We expect our members to keep track of the evolution of our structure and events. If you witness that some members only read posts when you ask them to do so, inform the King.

- Once in a while you will yourself be summoned by the King, along with all the other Nobles, to gather in discuss the work and progress of every guild Member. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that you spend time with other people of the guild and know who they are, how they play, how they behave in the guild, so that you can give advanced reports on every single member illustrated with examples and testimonies, not just things you have heard (though that helps as well, it does not suffice). I told you before, this is a lot of work and you will have less time for yourself. You are the sidekicks of the King, the pillars upon which the quality of this guild rests. And believe me, now that the guild has been reorganized, if someone does not do its job well, especially you, the whole system might and will crumble, so the King won't hesitate to appoint other Nobles if you fail in your task.

- You are a figure of authority and shall be respected and obeyed. You are an extension of the King's power and duty. Impose yourself, for you have become a figure of imposure now. Your past friends remain but have to understand the change that just happened. You are a Noble before a friend and have a job to do before you pat people's backs. It is a decisive decision to make yourself more imposing. On the other hand, you are not Judge Dread, so try to find the right middle ground. You are not a buddy any more. In terms of Role Play, it does not work. Nobles are high class society and have to act as such.

- You have to choose a type of Teaching you wish to give some tutees when we are in need of extra tutors. Have a look at "The Chivalric path" and "The Clerical path" and choose which teaching you would rather give. Let the King know of your choice. This does not make you a Cleric or a Knight, just a substitute tutor, or simply an extra tutor.

- Finally, as an "Officer" (in GW terms, not the Order's terms), one of your major role is to recruit for the guild. Only "Officers" have that option in the game. We will not need members everyday because our goal is to focus on the progress of every member in a meticulous way. We will have periods of heavy recruiting and periods of heavy teaching. In order to recruit the best way possible, please make sure you understand the article "recruiting codes" under CODES AND RULES, and act accordingly.

Also, please note that the blazon of the Guild is not to be used lightly. Indeed, as you will see, it will be used as a tool in order to recognize what rank you belong to… As a Noble, you are asked to display your colors everywhere. You are a solid administrative member of the guild, thus, you need to be proud of whom you belong to. Note that, as a Noble, you are the only one allowed to display your cape in the Hall, along with some rare Knights who have gained Nobility. Please make changes accordingly… Also, it is your duty to display the cape in towns and cities, and pretty much everywhere, even when you travel with guild members. Alone, you can do as you want but when there is social life around, either guildwise or citywise, display our cape and show your pride.
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The Noble Path
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