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 Dwayna and Grenth's Bet

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PostSubject: Dwayna and Grenth's Bet   Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:30 pm

Let us come back to our story when Dwayna and Grenth appeared to Merlin...

Merlin was not much surprised to see an angel, he had seen so many in the old days. Grenth was however another surprise. This Demon - or whatever it was - had his father's voice, but somehow, without being his father... puzzling...

Dwayna and Grenth explained to Merlin what had changed in so many years in a few hours, leaving behind important details or things that were either not too important or not too flattering, as we know gods to often do... This is how Merlin learnt of the Equilibrium of the 5 Gods (for at the time they were only 5). Merlin ended up was rather shocked and curious at the same time.

After listening in all humility to the two Gods, Merlin asked the question that was burning his lips:

- What do you expect of me? You have not escaped from your cozy heavenly Realms in order to chat and have some tea with an old man like me. I know all too well the ways of the gods... What is it that you want?

Merlin had always known how to talk to the Gods....

- Well, you are a strong subject of interest to the Equilibrium, Master Merlin, said Dwayna. First of all you are the only human being who has survived from the old days, which means you hold the origins of humankind within you, and its precious knowledge, now lost. What you know could either bring peace or chaos to the sons of Adam. Which? I do not know... and now that you have escaped from your prison of Air and Ice, we fear of the results...

Grenth added:

- You are indeed some curious folk. You are the son of Lucifer, which means, my own son... You have always been the guardian of the Grail, the holy vessel which collected the blood of the son of the 'One and Only' son, which is appealing to Dwayna, here present. You also are the most famous Druid living, which is appealing to Melandru.

Dwayna overspoke on Grenth's words. She did not want him to have all the glory:

- You are one of the most famous trainer and raiser of Knights and even Kings, which is of huge interest to Balthazar. Finally, the only love of your life, the only being who ever managed to seduce you and turn you away from any original decision you might have made is the Lady of the Lake, one of the oldest Mesmer Fea, Queen of a Realm of Illusions that YOU made. Lyssa likes that...

Merlin was a little shaken:

- Hum... Very well, maybe I am all that if you say so. But again, that does not tell me what you expect of me?

Grenth smiled:

- We want you to defend the Equilibrium and to prove that what you represent is still to be trusted. The fact that you still live is a disturbance in our balance, since you are the only human being who, so to speak, never died... Thanks to me... I mean, you Father... Well, it's all the same now... son! See? We are very embarrassed, because we cannot call you to the Underworld. The part you inherited from your father... I... prevents you to die from old age... Only an accident or a lethal wound could kill you...

Merlin had a smirk on his face:

- I did not know my father had remorse creating 'accidents' of his own...

Dwayna intervened:

- Things have changed, Merlin man. Merlin is not your name, correct?

Merlin acquiesced.

- A title, he said.

Dwayna pursued her talk:

- You are special and dangerous, yes... But at the same time you have talents that please us all. We would like you to recreate an order on the ashes of Camelot, to find the best Knights around and form them like all times.

This time, Grenth took her speech:

- Basically that is what SHE wants. As for me, I think that you are to fail...

Merlin recognized his father's voice in Grenth's tone. That was up to no good. His father had never tolerated his following of 'The one and Only's precepts and had sworn either to turn Merlin back to his original purpose, or, simply, to see to his destruction. In the end, Lucifer helped destroy old Camelot. Merlin's mind was not at peace.

Dwayna saw Merlin's fear and appeased him:

- I, as well as all the angels you used to know,and you know serve under my command, believe that you can succeed. Creating your Order will be a slow task, but you will succeed, I'm sure. The 5 shall speak to you in the future, for you know you have psychic powers don;t you... that you can be a conduit for the messages of the gods...?

Merlin was suddenly afraid of talking to these entities who could decide of anyone's fate.

Dwayna went on:

- I have chosen to give you the blessing of the Grail once more. You are to be considered as a Saint. Melandru has granted you the possibility to learn your old powers back, and asks that to go on with your druidic tasks. Balthazar asks that you gather a troop of champions. Lyssa asks that you explore the mesmer arts in adition to your ancient skills, for you never trully exploited these talents...

- That is, Merlin answered, because at the time, the mesmer arts were associated with my father and I always feared that he would control me through their knowledge,.

He sent a cold glare to Grenth:

- And what of you, father? What is it you that you have asked?

Grenth pretended to be offended:

- I? I who has always wanted your well-being and the full accomplishment of your talents? I am to grant you with a gift... I am to resurect some of your past friends in order to help you in your task.

Merlin shivered... and Dwayna, blessed with the gift of omniscience, knew where to this was going, frowned, and bowed her head...

(to be continued...)
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Dwayna and Grenth's Bet
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