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 COUNT / COUNTESS (3rd rank)

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PostSubject: COUNT / COUNTESS (3rd rank)   Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:34 pm

"The most reliable of nobles, the ones on which the King could count, share the bread without fear of being poisoned, soon became Counts. They became the extension of the King's arm in the countryside and were offered many fiefs."

- The Wise Words of Merlin, Chapter 13, line 120

The word "Count" comes from the Latin comes and later gave the word 'companion' meaning literally: the one with whom you share the bread. The title of Count, at the difference of the two previous ones, is clearly a Courtesy Title, some sort of a gift given by the King. Thus, it is very arbitrary and is often given to those who please the King best. The two following titles work the same way, etymologically speaking. Here is what is expected of you:

- At this point of your career, you will be granted 3 knights and clergymen maximum to supervise. It is a knight’s or a cleric’s choice to belong your House. So, the more you prove you are a good Noble, the more Knights and Clerics will want to join your House in the future. Note that it is your right to refuse any knight or cleric asking to belong to your House, either because you don't want them, already have a lot, or already have the max number you are allowed to supervise, and you can direct them to other Nobles.

- As a Count / Countess, you have to tighten your supervision. Concentrate on the Knights and Clerics affiliated to your House, but extend your rights to the whole of the Third Estate, not just those your Knights and Clerics tutor. As a figure of trust, anything you report to Merlin or the King, after having been pondered, will be a strong asset to shaping their opinions about any given issue.

- In the absence of the King, part of your role now is to offer audience to the members. Just as the King does, you may ask the members if they seek an audience with you and listen to their pleads. You cannot hold a trial though, just collect important reports and information so far. Any information that is critical shall be passed on to the King when you see him next. Any issue you can regulate by yourself, feel free to do so.

- For the fief part, your "barony" now becomes a "county". You are now known as Count of this County. This update of the town is important historically speaking, because it gives the outpost political importance. You are to prepare to hold an official reception and party there at some point in the future. Make arrangements with the King and an official event will be posted.
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COUNT / COUNTESS (3rd rank)
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