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 MARQUIS / MARQUISE (4th rank)

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PostSubject: MARQUIS / MARQUISE (4th rank)   Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:36 pm

"Conquerors rarely remain in the same spot for long. As humankind spread in the world and empires stretched, the frontiers and borders needed protection. The Marquis would be that type of defender, while the Marquise, often at Court, would become the perfect courtier par excellence, often seducing the King."

- The Wise Words of Merlin, Chapter 19, page

The rank of Marquis corresponds to a military command, on a boarder country, called 'March' or 'Marquisat'. It might come from the German Margraf ("Mark" being the boarder and "Graf", the Count). The military powers of the Marquis allows him to order the army without having received orders from the King, his new functions being related to the boarders of the Realm, quite far from the suzerain's castle. A quick military reaction has to be possible. Here is what expected of you:

- At this point of your career, you will be granted 4 knights and clergymen maximum to supervise. It is a knight’s or a cleric’s choice to belong to your House. So, the more you prove you are a good Noble, the more Knights and Clerics will want to join your House in the future. Note that it is your right to refuse any knight or cleric asking to belong to your House, either because you don't want them, already have a lot, or already have the max number you are allowed to supervise, and you can direct them to other Nobles.

- As a Marquis, you are now responsible for international relationships. You are to be given one new fief called 'march'. This 'March' has to be located in one of the two other continents where your don't have already some fiefs (among Tyria, Cantha, or Elona). Now, since you are responsible for the border, they cannot be anywhere in these continents, but easily accessible by sea, and still an outpost... not a Big City... You become Marquis of this outpost. You can now recruit more varied people for the guild and have another outpost for your personal events.

- Finally, you can now organize Court sessions and hold the High Counsel yourself (only in the limits of the Keepers of the Equilibrium, if we happen to have Allies) in the case of the absence of the King and the urgency of an issue. If there is a problem, you can then be head of the High Counsel and summon members as witnesses, attackers and defenders. You serve as intermediary between the parties and collect the votes just like the King would do. Make sure everyone speaks and you vote as well, but reveal your opinion last. The sentence, though, if there is one, is to be held until the King has been notified. Indeed, the King still has the ultimate right of veto to nullify the Court's Judgment. Refer to the section "Codes and Rules" to be aware of the different types of sentences, and choose wisely according to the situation. Also, make sure you have read and understood the article "The High Counsel" before you decide to hold one.
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