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 DUKE / DUCHESS (5th rank)

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PostSubject: DUKE / DUCHESS (5th rank)   Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:36 pm

[justify]"Climbing the social ladder with the path of great deeds and faithfulness, the most talented of Nobles eventually became Dukes. No one was as powerful as they were, but the King of course..."

- The Wise Words of Merlin, Chapter 20, line 41

Duke is the highest rank a Noble could possibly achieve and obtain. Coming from the Latin Dux Bellorum, it means that you are the highest of Commanders of the Bellatores. What you have obtained here is quite a success because Dukes were often considered as peers of the King except for one right, that of the King's veto. The King could always have the final answer but would trust and leave his Dukes all of his rights. The right of veto was rarely used in the end for his Dukes were given that rank out of previous displays of faithfulness and talent. Here is what is expected of you:

- Moreover, the Dukes were the wealthiest of landowners. You are attached to a Big City. You still keep your County and your March, but you are now also considered as one of the many Dukes of that Big City. You are now known as Duke / Duchess of that Big City.

- You have proven that you could be a trusted leader by the King. Thus, your own Hall (in tune with the geography and the looks of your attached Big City) and cape will be created. You will now be part of the Camelotean alliance, with the Keepers of the Equilibrium on top. You shall have your own Hall, which shall represent your Headquarters. Your affiliated Knights and Clerics shall follow you if such is their will, and you shall rule hand in hand with Arthur. Thus the cell of Camelot will extend and vary. Most of the pages will be taught in the Head Guild, the Keepers, then dispatched wherever they wish to go, but you are also free to recruit members, according to the principles of the guild and form them according to these same principles. Ranks and Titles in your guild shall work the same. You shall be direct head of the members of your Guild, but Arthur shall be Head of the Alliance. Once in a while, a gathering of Dukes will occur to discuss past, present and future events.

- Read the article "The King", you now have exactly the same rights upon your extension of the Alliance, but for one right: the right of veto, which only the King is allowed to have in terms of Alliance powers. You remain of course free as a leader to kick any member recruited by you or one of your men, but not a member recruited by the Keepers of the Equilibrium and then assigned to you. That matter shall be discussed with the Suzerain guild before. You are considered a peer in terms of rights, though you are not peer to the King as to what he represents (Alliance Head). You can gather the High Counsel in the limits of your guild, and apply the sentence if you wish to, but the Higher Counsel, the Counsel of the Alliance, is only to be held by the King himself.
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DUKE / DUCHESS (5th rank)
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