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PostSubject: SE7EN 1: CAUGHT INSIDE THE WOLF'S SNOUT   Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:42 pm

1 - A Strange Request:

Cameloteans are approached by a man called Manfred, who belongs a secret society in LA, whose goal is to defend the interests of the people, and who has heard of Camelot's past deeds regarding the saving of the two girls and the slaying of the Cwn Annwn. (In Middle Welsh, 'w' is pronounced 'u')

Manfred, revealing himself as being Amandine's father (the girl who was devoured by the Cwn Annwn), lets Cameloteans know of the prestige they have gathered among LA's people in secret talks. Manfred comes with a request: In a week, Count Cormaeryn will organize his event; "The Longest Night."

During this event the Count id supposed to test some Nobles of Kryta into joining his private circle. The test consists in giving Nobles coded messages they have to decipher in order to be worthy of joining this inner circle. Manfred mentions the name of a Noble couple: Amaury and Solveig of Beetletun.

The goal is to go to LA in their stead for the event, disguised as them and playing their role, in order to have a chance to be given the coded messages and enter the inner circle of the Count. It is Camelot's best shot at really finding out what the Count is up to. Manfred does not hide his feelings and wishes to see the Count dead.

Merlin asks Cameloteans to keep silent and not to tell the King of this mission yet. As Cameloteans accept the mission, they have two goals ahead:

1 - To ask the gods for their permission in such an unchivalric deed.

2 - If the gods are in favor, to go to Beetletun, abduct the Noble couple, interrogate them, and get ready for the event itself.
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Posts : 262
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PostSubject: The favors of the 5   Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:58 pm

2 - The favors of the 5:

Merlin, Reed, Blackstone and Kalne head to the Temple of the Ages in order to be granted the gods favor. But the gods, having expected their arrival decide to test them in many ways. Strength of heart, devotion to worship, etiquette, resistance to sin; the 5 welcome our heroes with both praise and raised brows.

After having suffered the tricks of Lyssa's sister and of Grenth, each god gives them a riddle related to their relative divine symbolism. They manage to find the solutions without too many difficulties and are given as a 'reward' 5 more riddles related to their future enterprise:

- Grenth: They shall have to kill in order to capture the Noble couple they seek.

- Dwayna: People will die in their enterprise, but not these four who came to seek the gods' advice (Merlin, Kalne, Reed and Blackstone)

- Balthazar: A great knight of Camelot will face danger during the "Longest Night." Though the outcome is not decided yet, Cameloteans have a chance to rescue that knight.

- Melandru: The Noble couple shall be found where humankind feeds.

- Lyssa: Mere disguise shall not suffice to 'replace' the Noble couple at the "Longest Night" event.

Puzzled and trying to make sense of these prophetic words, our Cameloteans head back home...
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PostSubject: Re: SE7EN 1: CAUGHT INSIDE THE WOLF'S SNOUT   Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:27 am

3-The Abduction:
And so it was up to Merlin, Curian Reiger, and Althena Jamir to abduct the Noble couple of Beetletun. The three ventured off to Lion's Arch, where the couple were located. After talking with the Rare Material Trader, they learned that they were by the beach near mountains of seafood. When they arrived, they saw neither a large banquet of seafood nore nobles, only one dockworker.

The dockworker had told them that the beach was private property of another Noble. They required either fine clothes or a dress and their blazon. Merlin had a plan, and it worked. He bore the costume of Dwayna whilst Althena wore the blazon. Merlin had created an identity for all of them, but Althena had forgotten it shortly after. Curian was their Vizier, their bodyguard.

Once they were able to get past the dockworker and into the ship, they discovered why it was secret; it was a 'couples swap.' In other words, Nobles would exchange their partners to other Noble couples to engage in intercourse with them. If the Nobles did not want to, they would rent slaves for an hour or so.

Curian saw all the slaves and ventured to the slaves to converse with them, and ultimately to free them. Merlin and Althena went to Amaury and Solveig of Beetletun. When asked their names, Althena, forgetting the names Merlin gave, claimed to be Lady Ashe of Yohlon Haven, with Merlin being Lord Geralt of Yohlon Haven. Once chatter was made, they both went into different rooms; Amaury and Althena into one, Merlin and Solveig into another.

On the topic of Curian, he got the identities of the slaves. One of them was Sarah, a girl who Camelot had saved earlier. After doing some conversation, it was discovered that Curian must spend 80k to rent all of the slaves so they can escape through a window. Merlin, before entering the room with Solveig, approached Curian asking what he was doing. Curian said he was trying to free the slaves. After saying how much it'd cost, Merlin made the coin magically appear, and then entered the room wih Solveig.

At this point, everyone was in a different room.

Merlin cast a spell on Solveig, knocking her unconcious.

Curian opened a window, allowing all of them to escape one at a time, causing a big splash.

Althena avoided Amaury's attempt at kissing her, claiming foreplay was important. He eventually agreed, and they both began a strip tease. At this point, Merlin had the unconcious Solveig. He stood outside of the window of the room amaury and Althena were in on top of a wooden plank. Once Althena and Amaury were both half-naked, Althena pushed the man in a sitting-upright position on the bed, and got on to his lap.

"By the way, I like it rough." she said before she took a jab at his neck, stopping oxygen flow, knocking him unconcious. At this point, the large splash alerted some people, and Merlin created a pathway of ice to allow Curian and the slaves to escape onto the shore. Althena had gotten onto the wooden plank, and claimed she needed to bathe. Merlin summoned rain from the Shiverpeaks. Curian invited the Sarah back to Camelot, and they all got onto the wooden plank before the Lionguard could get them.

Merlin had taken them to Camelot, with Amaury and Solveig in the dungeon and Sarah in her private room.

The Noble couple shall soon be interrogated, and will then be emulated by Althena and Curian during the Longest Night.
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