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 Spring / Phoenix 2010 Joust

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Auron Kalne

Auron Kalne

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PostSubject: Spring / Phoenix 2010 Joust   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:20 am

Hail Cameloteans,

On March 20, the season of Spring(known as Phoenix in game, refer to "Back in the Future... A Seasonal and Historical Explanation" within 'The Setting' for more explanation on this) shall begin. Thus, a joust shall begin!

A minmal of 8 challengers is asked. Anyone may enter, regardless of rank.

Here is what must be done when you sign up;

-A fee of 2,000 gold pieces(2 platinum, or 2k if you will), a perfect gold weapon(max damage for said weapon class with only 9 attribute levels needed), a perfect support item(shield, focus, etc), or a perfect green weapon or support item must be paid for each character participating. In the old days, Knights would usually pay more than what was required, but you do not need to. To start with, you do not need to choose more than 2 characters to Joust with. If more is needed, you will be asked to submit another.

-Once you have decided whom to enter, go write their names in the Candidates List article in the GAMES OF HONOR section. In order to do so, you must log in(if you have not created an account, do so with your main character name), click on the article, and click 'POST REPLY' not 'POST NEW'. Type the candidate's names and CLEARLY their Professions, as well as their numbers(according to the number candidate you are.)


1. W/Mo-Althena Jamir

2. ______/______-____ ____

And so on and so forth.

The jousting shall begin on the 20th of March. All candidates need to be entered in by the 18th so I may set up the matches accordingly.

-The Jousts shall take place in the Park of the Hall. To start one,

-It is one on one; no henchmen, heroes, flag, or buff item are allowed.

-Any weapon or skill that will work within PvP is allowed. This includes pets and spirits, for they are skills. Do note some skills have specific PvP characteristics; you will be noted in the chat which skills are changed. Title track skills will not work within PvP areas.

-No PvP characters allowed. Only use your PvE characters.

-You must win twice against your opponent to be declared victorious. Between fights, you may rearrange your skills.

The winner of the event will have three advantages:

-He/she will recieve equipment and/or gold.

-He/she will rise one rank without question.

-He/she will recieve the Title Grand Champion.

Special notes:

-In order to begin the fight, the two interested parties can go into the hall and click on the 'guild battle' button in their 'party window' at the bottom right of the screen, just like you do when you want to 'enter mission'. One character choose 'new scrimmage', the other one joins the first character's scrimmage.

-If you are unaware of how to Joust, or wish to renew your knowledge, please visit 'The Jousting Rules' within the 'Codes and Rules' section. You may also ask a Knight or Noble to help you.

-Please give me your personal emails as well. I will send emails to each of you with your jousting partner as well as his or her email, so you may organize a Joust.

-When someone wins, both combatants must let me know of the victory.

That is all. Thank you.
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Spring / Phoenix 2010 Joust
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