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 Where the Hell is Ced?

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PostSubject: Where the Hell is Ced?   Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:45 pm

Dear all,

I have left the guild, as you may have noticed. So since these are not big news, let me move on.

This is guild project has been my baby for a while, but we have all been its nurses for now more than a year. We had highs and lows, but I feel like since Creed's departure - along with more than half of the guild he managed to convince - and his betrayal, along with Astarl's departure and all the old school guys, we have not been able to rise back properly. We have tried, some with more conviction than others, but we all felt concerned about what happened. We have found awesome new recruits, especially Blackstone most recently who proved an excellent tutee, tutor, and then leader, but the game has grown old and we have difficulties keeping our guild alive, hard as we try.

I know some of you still like the game, and others are bored by it. I do like the game still, and I understand those who are bored because it is old. But hard as we tried, the motivated as the bored but faithful to our cause, we could not bring this project to the epic end we wished it to be.

It is not a problem of leadership (well it's easy for me to say that anyway) but a problem of unity and community. As I always said, you cannot force people and yes... it is true, you cannot really force them to recruit, teach, be there at this precise time, this precise hour. It is a bitter truth I have come to understand the tough way. I have no grudges against anyone and hope you won't have any against me.

I put you all in my friend's list, because I feel we are still friends after this community. I will still be on GW until GW 2 in up. I shall be making friends, wandering here and there, gathering a decent flock for when the next game will be released. So, do not worry, you will see me on quite often. I am always here to help and support if need be. But I need a little fresh air and new faces to keep me alive.

I am not forgetting your faces and efforts, and I hope you will follow me with the project I will put into place for GW2. So let us keep in touch... You are of course free to govern the guild as you wish. You too can help gathering people and prepare for the next generation.

Blackstone, Kalne, I appreciate the efforts you put in leading us. You more than anyone now know how hard it is to be a leader.

See you soon on GW, in the hope you will still talk to me and understand my growing weary of this desperate situation.

I give you all this Full Hall, which is worth a lot of money as you know, to your full managing.

Hope to talk to you soon, on GW or xfire,

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Where the Hell is Ced?
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