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PostSubject: Ombudsman/Ombudswoman   Sat Jan 17, 2009 7:17 pm

"Old societies were made of disputing tribes, who would constantly disagree and battle, and who rarely managed to unite in a stable nation. The King, as an accomplished warrior, had to stand for his tribe’s history and prowess. The sage or the druid had to stand for his men’s scholarship, worships and assumptions. The Ombudsman, holy protector of the tribe, had to stand for both. In a jousting of martial talents under the close watch of the gods, the Ombudsman would be the Order’s revered mascot. That was also a clever way to keep the strongest under control, by giving him/her administrative seriousness and power, as the gods themselves decided to."

- The Wise World of Merlin, Chapter 35, line 856

The word ombudsman is of Swedish origin and means ‘spokesman of the pleads’ or ‘man of the grievances’.
Etymologically, it is possible that the word was of celtic origins, having ‘ambactos’ as a root, meaning servant, messenger, and which led up to the word ‘ambassador’.

The Ombudsman used to be elected via a Tournament, which is not the case anymore. It has been proven that it was not the best way to find good Ombudsmen. Indeed, the ability to fight has nothing to do with social skills.

An ombudsman functions were related to administration and justice, but without belonging to these two domains, thus making it independent, powerful and original. The Ombudsman/Ombudswoman has to abide by the following duties and privileges:

1 – Only one character is an Ombudsman/Ombudswoman.

2 - An Ombudsman/woman is a mediator. He/she had the responsibility to listen to the people’s pleads. These pleads could concern anything regarding a dispute between two peers, or between a vassal and a suzerain, or regarding a specific law considered as unfair. Thus, when there is a complaint to be made, go find the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman then serves as a mediator between the Master/Officers and the Guild mates until the problem is resolved. As a member, he/she represents the people. He/she helps the Master understand if the complaint is founded on something serious and if something can be done. Never underestimate that function, for you are to be the fairest possible. You have then the right to question a member’s attitude as well as your own Master’s decisions. In the end, all has to be kept respectful. Justice as well as administrative respect has to be the main focus.

3 – The Ombudsman/Ombudswoman has been chosen by the King and Merlin because of his/her social talents, to be a sacred link between the people and the Masters/Officers. Thus he can be a Member or an Officer. In any case, the King can choose anytime to replace his/her Ombudswoman if he/she wishes to test the abilities of someone else. It is not impossible that after many Ombudsman have been tested, an election from the people is set for them to decide of their favorite Ombudsman/woman.

4 – The Ombudsman/woman is a very important Character of the guild. His/her role can change a lot of the guild’s aspects. However, as link between the Nobles and the Members, he/she salutes the very same way he/she used to and is greeted in the same manner.

5 – As ambassador, the Ombudsman is considered primary recruiter of the Guild. One of his/her main role is to find potentials for the guild in a regular basis. Also, before a possible alliance can be made, the Master and the Ombudsman meet other guilds’ leaders and discuss the terms. The Ombudsman can thus have an idea of what is happening and advise the Master, confide any strange feeling to him, ask for the terms to be different, etc…

6 – The Ombudsman keeps his/her Title until he/she is tired of it, in which case the King organizes a vote for the next Ombudsman. The Ombudsman/woman is free to make a suggestion as to who this successor can be.
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