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 The Keepers of the Equilibrium

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PostSubject: The Keepers of the Equilibrium   Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:49 am

Merlin was dumbfounded...

Knowing for sure that the prophecies of the gods had foretold would come to pass, he went on and discovered what this new world, called Tyria, had to offer.

After having founded a first Order which name was given out of his native tongue 'Les gardiens de l'Equilibrium', Merlin had to travel somewhere else where the tongue had inherited of the Anglo-saxon heritage, the very same Anglo-saxons he used to fight against back in the days of Camelot. He re-created a new Order which would be the direct translation of his previous one, following the same ideals and codes: 'The Keepers of the Equilibrium', out of the mission that was given to him by the gods. As a standard, he chose the Holy Grail, everlasting symbol of Camelot's past supremacy.

As the prophecies had foreshadowed, Merlin was able to find a few souls but rare were those who could endure what Camelot's way of life was asking of them. Too used to Orders were they could profit more and give less, where they had higher positions, more people, and where they could come and go as they wished, Merlin found it a hard time to transform mercenaries of Tyria into descent courtly being, aware of themselves as of their community.

Merlin had found a remote island where the remains of Old Camelot lay in ruins, and he bought it from the Kurzick Order, with whom he had to ally. Though he did not really wanted to at first, they proved a worthy faction, aware of their heritage, sworn by chivalric conduct and feudal codes...

To help him in his task, the gods granted the resurrection of a few old souls from Camelot, raised from the dead to make things better. It proved a catastrophe and intrigue was in Court as it used to be in the past. King Arthur could not rule as he used to, and Neo Camelot slowly fell to empty Halls. It was time for a new regent, for new blood to keep Camelot pulsating, and the gods had an idea.

They would send 6 heralds, one for each of them, as representatives, to help the future regents of Camelot behave as perfect Monarchs. Merlin - Herald of Melandru - with the help of his 5 other heralds, Gawain - Balthazar, Guinevere - Kormir, Arthur - Dwayna, Mordred - Lyssa, and Morgawse - Grenth, will have to advise and counsel. And Merlin, like in the old days, will have to play the role of King maker again.

Regents would come and go, but Camelot will stay strong, and Merlin would always have an eye on the future of his creation...

Indeed, people would tend to say that evil would prevail if good men were to do nothing against it. However, finding good followers did not prevent Merlin to think that evil could still prevail anyway! He had to stay aware of everything, just like in the past...
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The Keepers of the Equilibrium
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