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 The Compass Codes (Mandatory)

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PostSubject: The Compass Codes (Mandatory)   Mon Mar 09, 2009 9:44 pm

Leaders of parties of members use 6 different codes to let you know quickly what to do. Thus they will apply these codes to the compass (the little round map at the top right corner of your screen) for your attention. Please be wary of keeping an eye on the compass everytime.

ONLY THE LEADER GIVES ORDERS ON THE COMPASS (except for order #4, which can be given by any member)

Here are a description of the orders you might come accross with:

- 1: Triple Click on the compass OR circle a group of enemies & triple click inside the circle = ATTACK now !!!

- 2: Draw a line + click at one of the sides across the line, the side you wish your group to stay = DON’T CROSS THE LINE!!! Stay there...

- 3: Draw an arrow from your spot to any direction + click at the point of the arrow = WALK THIS WAY!!! and not another. It involves either pointing out what path to take between several, or walk this way precisely, that is do not encounter enemies if you can.

- 4: Circle the party group + click inside so that the party members are aware of you command = STOP !!! Energy or Health is much needed (note that any Member of the Mission or Skirmish Party is allowed to give that order if they need to refuel)

- 5: Draw an arrow from the enemy towards you + click on you = PULL !!! The puller of the group should pull some small monster groups. The leader of the group might also use Order #2 beforehand so that the other party members know where to stand and wait.

- 6: Draw an arrow from your position that points backwards + Triple click (that can be done several times to underline the urgency) = RETREAT!!! Run as fast as you can, stop fighting immediately + order your henchmen and heroes to do so. Escape the monsters until you're out of reach or until a reverse order is given. Be fast to retreat when given this order. Do not finish your fight!

Know them by heart and don't screw up, the simplest of mistake can make the whole party fail and fall...

Also please note this very important update:

- Once in a team outside for a fight, please do talk in Group Chat, even the leader of the party. However, in order to catch the attention of the other party members to give an order, the leader will write in "All Chat" and suddenly a sentence will appear in bright yellow in the middle of the blue. That might help the followers react faster to a written order and understand that chat time is over.

- According to the Martial Tactics we follow, some enemies have to fall in priority. It is still the leader's choice to decide of what target shall expire first. So... if the leader of a skirmish wishes his followers to attack a specific target, a simple attack order might not be enough. In this case, holding the key ctrl and pressing three times on the target will let the followers know of the priority target. Note that the three click will make the same sound as any other order (though it will appear in the blue characters of the team chat color).If you still have trouble seeing what target to attack, just follow the leader. After the target is down, the leader can pursue this strategy of calling at target again and again until the band of monsters is down. He/she remains in the end the only one to have the right to call a target in order to make orders clearer on the field.


As our ancestors speaking Latin would have put it: Errare humanum est, meaning the error is human in essence. You are a leader and have been trained to be the elite of Camelot's tacticians. However, you may decide if you wish to - you are not obliged to - to appoint a side-kick. The role of this side kick depends on what you tell him/her. You can allow him/her to be able to give full orders as well, so that two pairs of eyes more than one can overview the battlefield OR as it is often considered best, you can assign him/her the responsibility of one specific compass code. For instance he/she can be responsible of the retreat order along with you too, so that she can keep an eye on our troops health and give the order if you have your eyes elsewhere. he/she can used the ctrl key to call specific targets too and help you find what target to put down first. You can assign him/her the attack code if ever attacked from behind by monsters, or let him choose paths, etc...

Note that only one side-kick is enough and that you always have the choice to decide whether to have one or not. it can be messy to have one at times because it can lead to different orders given if not limited, but it can also prove helpful. It is your choice as on-field leader to decide what suits you best.
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The Compass Codes (Mandatory)
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