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 Fighting in a team (Mandatory)

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PostSubject: Fighting in a team (Mandatory)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:52 pm

Guild Wars is a game that allows you to play in teams of individuals. Of course, a lot of people decide to play alone with henchmen and heroes but they miss part of the savor of the game. When these people end up in a guild and have to go skirmishing, farming or missioning together, it's sheer chaos... Everybody's running where they please, there is no coherence or team play. People die, worse people make other people die via incoherent deeds or selfish decisions. People run, pull monsters without preparation. Some even consider it fun to die !?!

Believe me, we are a guild of role players, but when it is important for some members to succeed a mission, we need to be prepared and organized.

You have decided to be part of an Order, so while in a team you have to be also part of a certain order.

The following rules are of highest importance of the guild and you need to know and respect them while in a team of adventurers with us:

1 - Respect the compass codes (they are explained in the next article)

2 - Professions and roles (this is just a quick general overview. If you want more specific details, go and read the info under the article related to your own first profession)

Warriors, assassins, dervishes are generally Tanks. That means they are meant to go hack down some monsters, but also they have to prevent monsters from attacking members of other professions, especially healing monks. They stand in first line and charge first at enemies.

Paragons and Rangers can 'pull', meaning that you can use your weapon to attract a specific group of monsters to the rest of your friends and not the whole pack!!! Secondly, as Ranger, you can create traps, or give shout orders, so you have nice combos. Prepare a trap, pull some monsters into the trap, and then the rest of the tankers can finish the job. Or, as Paragons, pull monsters, then shout when they are closer. You can boost the whole team's power so NEVER underestimate that. Both Rangers and Paragons are 'range attackers', that means you stay at range distance, your role is not to be at the enemy's arms' reach.

Then we have the whole club or wizards, which are Elementalists, Mesmers, Necromancers, and Ritualists. Your position on the field depends on your tactics of play, but most likely, your are to be behind the fighters. You are physically weaker and your role is to assist the tankers. Unless under rare exceptions (earth magic builds, helpful spirits, etc...), a wizard's place should never be at the middle of the fight, so keep away and help as you can.

Then there is the Monk, which is maybe the most tactical to play, but among a team, if he/she plays well, monks are everyone's best friend. You are the only profession of the game to be able to heal and resurrect the others with such great efficiency. To be a good Team Monk is a hard job, but please do concentrate on your healing prayers when you are in a team. Your role is not to attack in a team, your number one role is to keep an eye on everybody, starting with tankers, then range attackers, then wizards and to make sure they don't die or at the least that they don't stay dead very long. All the team is counting on you so keep away from harm and help.

3 - Preparation:

> First, for every mission or every session outdoors, a leader has to be declared. Usually, the highest-ranked Knight is in charge. This leader will be the one giving orders using the compass codes.

> If several members are of the same profession, maybe you want to vary your tactics, that is your skills.

> An important way to see if the 'party' is well balanced is to show your chosen skills to the others by holding 'ctrl' and clicking on your skill bar. You might also want to consider getting the resurrection signet or not according to the difficulty of the mission.

> You might want to take 5 minutes in order to read the area's or the mission's description on GW Wiki before you even go out.

4 - While outside:

> In order not to slow down the rest of the group down, a good tactic is to hold 'ctrl' and to click on the name of the leader in the 'group party window' at the bottom right of your screen. Your character will then automatically follow the leader and you'll be able to type on your keyboard without stopping running.

> Don't talk while fighting a tough fight. It is just nonsense and a waste of precious time.

> Don't waste time collecting gold and objects on the floor while in a tough fight. Do it afterwards.
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Fighting in a team (Mandatory)
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