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 The 2008 Christmas Ombudsman fight results

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PostSubject: The 2008 Christmas Ombudsman fight results   Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:46 pm

The sound of trumpets was clear. Knights and lesser servants, Nobles with things to prove, and even masters were of the party. Some were awaiting the event for a long time. Others arrived quite late. Some wanted to test themselves, some wanted to test the others, some wanted power, some even wanted revenge. But most wanted fair play and awaited the decision of the gods of Equilibrium. Soon, an Ombudsman (or even an Ombudswoman) would rise. Let the jousting begin !!!

Here is the fighting list for the tournament eliminations, final 8th, final quarter, final half and then Finale. Let the best win this fight, and remember the words of Old Nietzsche: 'That which does not kill you makes you stronger' Smile

1 - Eliminatory:

Here is the eliminatory list. Just fight according to the rules explained previously, and let me know of the winners when I'm connected:

Aiela Amber VS Cyphan Creed > Amber wins

Merzhin Le Druide VS Astarl Goji > Merzhin wins

Grayza Elvian VS Palstain The Holy > Elvian wins (forfeit)

Aslyn Lenarl VS Edwin Illian Til > Lenarl wins

Obey Addiction VS Hawkseye Silverwing > Addiction wins (forfeit)

Prince Astarl VS Arsenal Reign > Astarl wins

Chiana Nebaria VS Mordred The Felon > Nebaria wins

Yokiri Hotomiru VS Fania Mesmerati > Hotomiru wins (forfeit)


"Goji came with a noble cause, but the gods showed him that he was mistaken. I hope that he finds peace with his brother" - Master Merzhin

"Mordred was a worthy opponent. But when I heard that the king's throne was at stake, I had to defend it. I would do anything for the King... I would do anything to prove that the disgrace from which I have suffered was not because of my doing..." - First Knight Chiana Nebaria

"The fight between me and Til has been a good fight. We are well balanced in strength and technique. He was a worthy opponent and knew how to lose with a chivalric sense of fairness." - Lady Aslyn Lenarl

"Though we expected not so strong a warrior, Arsenal fought with all his heart. I was the more knowledgeable warrior and that made me the winner." - Prince Astarl

"Creed was a good competitor. He has a way with healing but must learn to attack fast and rough. In any case I'm glad... for I made a friend on the battlefield today." - Aiela Amber

2 - Quarter Finale:

Merzhin Le Druide VS Aiela Amber > Merzhin Le Druide

Grayza Elvian VS Aslyn Lenarl > Grayza Elvian

Obey Addiction VS Prince Astarl > Prince Astarl

Chiana Nebaria VS Yokiri Hotomiru > Chiana Nebaria (forfeit)

"Amber has been a clever mage in the way she used her spells, but she could not overcome more than 50000 experience in the arts of magic. I am glad that she decided to be my student, for she sure the talent to make me fall on my arse.... In combat i mean.... Razz " -Merzhin

"Addiction was a worthy opponent but I do not think she knew what to expect of me." - Prince Astarl

"Lady Lenarl fought well, but I am meant to win... By the Gods..." -Grayza Elvian

3 - Demi Finale:

Merzhin Le Druide Vs Grayza Elvian > Grayza Elvian wins

Prince Astarl Vs Chiana Nebaria > Prince Astarl wins

"It was a good match and Chiana is a good friend. I'm looking forward to be in the finals.' - Prince Astarl

"It was a very well fought match... But it is the will of the gods that I prevail!!!" - Grayza Elvian

4 - Finale:

grayza Elvian Vs Prince Astarl > Grayza Elvian wins


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PostSubject: Re: The 2008 Christmas Ombudsman fight results   Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:53 pm

*Grayza Elvian looks over the area the joust will be heald with a small smirk of satisfaction on her face.* Here is where I shall make my mark Mistress!

*Three Dark Shadowed figures appear out of the mist behind Grayza* We are here to serve you!

*Grayza lets out a deep laugh and puts on her Kurzick helm, preparing for battle*

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PostSubject: Re: The 2008 Christmas Ombudsman fight results   Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:59 am

(In Taarna's private chamber)

*Grayza turns to Taarna* Mordred has fallen Mistress!

*Taarna turns to Grayza with a stern look* This was to be expected against Chiana. No concern, Chiana is NO match against you, she even knows this to be true! You shall take this Tournament my Kurzick Knight, and bring to us what should have been ours from the start!

*Grayza's eyes turn pitch Black* I shall summon the spirits from our god and crush those who would dare stand in our way!

*Taarna thinks to herself-Mordred failed in his bid for power, this day is MINE!*
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PostSubject: Re: The 2008 Christmas Ombudsman fight results   

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The 2008 Christmas Ombudsman fight results
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