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PostSubject: THE RANKING RULES   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:45 pm

1 - A Rank is anything but permanent. One of the possible sanctions for misbehavior or incompetence is being ranked down. Of course, being ranked down, though humiliating as it is, is not final either. The wise understand what is wrong and eventually get back to his/her original rank.

2- Members of the Third State are there to learn. You might be an expert or a beginner in Guild Wars - it does not matter. What we expect of you is respect, humility, proof of dedication to the Order, and obedience to what tutors have to show you. You are not considered a full member until you have passed the Holy Test at the end of your Third State career. That means the whole Third State progression is nothing but the perfect way for us to measure if you belong here or not. And yes... Some do not even reach the Holy Test and are kicked out far before.

3 - Knights teach, discover, and expand martial tactics. You are given tutees to take care of. Martial tactics are very important since they strengthen our coherence as a whole on the field. If your tutee happens to not know what he/she should and proves incompetent, you will be held responsible.

4 - The Clergy teaches codes, lore, and helps in social events. You have to make sure that our tutees know where they tread and do things by the book. You also have to make sure that they know our background stories. Don't hesitate to assign homework and meet your tutees in scholarly sessions. Same thing, if your tutee happens to not know what he/she should and proves incompetent, you are held responsible.

5 - Nobles supervise, organize, and have long abandoned their private life. You should master the forum as the master himself. If you chose to be Nobility, you chose to be active. If anyone asks you a question, you should NEVER say: I don't know OR I have not read yet. So being Noble is being responsible. If you happen not to be able to harmonize your private life and your GW responsibilities anymore, it is completely understandable. But you might want to consider being reoriented into Clergy or Chivalry. If you happen to be a shy Noble or a non-charismatic Noble, you might be reoriented as well. Your role is to know what our members have to do and to push them or sanction them if something is not done properly.
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