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 CONFESSOR (3rd rank)

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PostSubject: CONFESSOR (3rd rank)   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:18 pm

"Just like there were Cherubs and Seraphims, there are Confessed and Confessors."

- The Wise Words of Merlin, Chapter 13, page 711

Rare are those who reach the status of Confessor: Flawless living examples of calmness and intellect, stainless souls whose light shine upon us. The gods have given you the duty to help people confess. Here is what is expected of you:

- You have become a major preacher of the Equilibrium, probably one of the greatest, and as such, you have been given the duty to spread the word and our lore in the major city you have previously chosen. Find a sacred monument you like in this Big City or s specific spot that you like. This will be your preaching spot. And your role will be to actively recruit new souls. Go on with Role Play, give a few speeches of enlightenment, in concordance with your beliefs and those of Camelot, at this right spot, from time to time. Please check our Recruiting codes under CODES AND RULES to be better prepared.

- You also have now the duty to confess our members. Classically speaking, you can ask a guild's member to confess his/her sins, anything he/she could have said against someone, or any ill he/she can think of. But where it gets interesting is that you can ask the confessed to speak of problems in the guild, how he/she feels, his/her experience in the guild in general. The confession, in essence, is a private talk between confessed and confessor. Due to the nature of confession, you can reassure the confessed that it will remain between you and him/her. It is indeed your duty to keep confessions secret, but it is also your duty to act in order to make things better as you receive confessions. If social relationships are endangered, or if someone experiences any problem, try to fix things as you can. If you need the help of the King, you can ask without necessarily revealing the content of a confession.
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CONFESSOR (3rd rank)
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