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 LORD / LADY (1st rank)

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PostSubject: LORD / LADY (1st rank)   Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:32 pm

‘Reflecting the ancient gods, imitating the more recent angels, and even copycatting nature itself, men soon organized in a hierarchical system. In this pyramidal construction that society became, few men suddenly rose in order to control masses. By controlling the land, they were controlling life itself. Indeed, to ‘live’ somewhere is to ‘be’ somewhere. People say I ‘am’ from … wherever they inhabit. Men thus controlled men, and they were called Lords.’

(The Wise Words of Merlin, Chapter 6, line 84.)

Congratulations. You are now a Noble and called Lord / Lady. Here is what is expected of you:

- At this point of your career, you will be granted 1 knight and clergyman maximum to supervise. It is a knight’s or a cleric’s choice to belong to your House. So, the more you prove you are a good Noble, the more Knights and Clerics will want to join your House in the future. Note that it is your right to refuse any knight or cleric asking to belong your House, either because you don't want them, have many already, or already have the max number you are allowed to supervise, so you can direct them to other Nobles.

- Back in the days of Feudalism, Lords and Ladies were aristocratic or moral people who had to supervise and manage economy and justice on their lands, their fief. And that is exactly what you have to do… supervise… As such, your duties have actually three distinct terms, three distinct responsibilities, often referred to as the Triple R.

1 - As a Rental Lord / Lady, you have to make sure to collect money for the guild from each of its members. Concentrate on getting donations from the knights and clergymen you have to supervise, as well as their designated tutees. The Order always needs money or items, even if few are collected. If you realize that someone does not give gold often enough, let them know that the Order is not content and collect. You also have the duty to help equip your followers when you can. Use part of your own chest to collect strong equipment, and make sure that your Knights, Clergymen and their trainees are content. Try to avoid customizing your own weapons so that you can pass them around when you don’t need them any more…

2 – As a Righteous Lord / Lady, you shall make sure that your followers follow the codes and precepts of the Guild: insist on the Role Play focus, proper use of cape and head armor, proper salute, etiquette and respect. To be short, supervise, analyze, and act in consequence. Take measures if you need to. You are authority here. You need to supervise when the King is not around. You need to impose yourself as a Leader now. It is often very easy to slip in OOC talk and as a RP guild, we want to avoid that trap. It is ridiculous to RP only when the King is around. So, even though your Knights and Clerics have to teach and train new members these rules, it is you who will be held responsible if something is not done properly. A Noble does not want the reputation of his / her family to be stained with ill-repute, which leads to the third point…

3 – As a Reputed Lord, you can be held responsible for any misbehavior of any member linked to your House (with certain limits of course, time is needed for Members to learn…). That includes the Clerics and Knights linked to you and the tutees linked to these vassals. For the same reasons, you also represent an extension of the Grandmaster’s authority. Your own actions reflect the Guild’s ambiance so don’t be too mean or too overpowering as well. Be kind, be charismatic, be courteous, but also be true and fair according to what happens. You’re not the Members' buddy any more. Your role play abilities have to change. Finally, if you do not want your reputation to be stained, you have to be a perfect source of knowledge. You have to be aware of anything new on the forum, any event, any new rule. You have to be a perfect strategic pawn on the field, so maybe you should train with a Knight in order to stay in shape. You also have to know of our culture and stories.
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LORD / LADY (1st rank)
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