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 BARON / BARONESS (2nd rank)

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PostSubject: BARON / BARONESS (2nd rank)   Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:34 pm

"Give a man a hand, he will claim the arm. Lords constantly wanted more and more. After the Lords came the Barons. The origins of the word would come from the Dark Ages. 'Bar' meant 'free' and the Barons were those who expected more freedom of action."

- The Wise Words of Merlin, Chapter 7, line 43

You are now a Baron / Baroness. Congratulations. here is what is expected of you:

- At this point of your career, you will be granted 2 knights and clergymen maximum to supervise. It is a knight’s or a cleric’s choice to belong your House. So, the more you prove you are a good Noble, the more Knights and Clerics will want to join your House in the future. Note that it is your right to refuse any knight or cleric asking to belong your House, either because you don't want them, already have a lot, or already have the max number you are allowed to supervise, and you can direct them to other Nobles.

- You are to be given what is called a 'Barony', you are now to be associated with the name of your House but also with the Location of your House. Careful, the Barony cannot be a Big City such as Ascalon or Lion's Arch, it has to be an outpost (little spots in the World map) or a Mission outpost (the Shields in the map). The choice of this outpost as your 1st Barony is really important because as your power will grow, you'll have a wider influence in that area of Tyria, and more fiefs, starting from that point. As a Baron of that outpost, you can now organize meetings or your own events in that specific area and in terms of Role Play, you can completely create and re-shape at wish the story of every building, every tree of that outpost (it's of course better if you can type that down so that it can be posted on the forum at some point, in the description of your characters for instance). Finally, this Barony of yours should be a good recruiting area for you. You are the Baron of this outpost. People out there should be able to recognize you. Use your barony as a private outpost and impose your style. Concentrate your recruiting methods there.

You shall display the Guild’s blazon whether in town, outside town, and especially in the Hall. You are a Noble!!! You are the Only one to be able to show his or her colors in the Hall. The Hall is where the Court is. Only Suzerains display the cape.
Don’t forget that you still have to hide your head armor before you talk to the Grandmaster, as a sign of respect. Please, go in the menu and make changes accordingly …
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BARON / BARONESS (2nd rank)
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